Florida Department of Corrections Inmate Resources

Re-Entry Resource Directory
The Florida Department of Corrections welcomes any assistance in providing transition services to the ex-offender population. If you would like to be included in their Resource Directory please complete the following document and submit it to: DC.ResourceDirectory@mail.dc.state.fl.us or via fax (850) 922-2238.

Sesame Street – Little, Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration
The number of children with an incarcerated parent has increased nearly 80% in the past 20 years. Nearly 2.7 million children have a parent in state or federal prison, yet few resources exist to support young children and families with this life-changing circumstance. In response, Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, unveils its newest, bilingual (English/Spanish) initiative, Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration, for families with young children, ages 3 through 8, who have an incarcerated parent and continue to develop skills for resilience. This resource will only be distributed through targeted outlets in communities by organizations, partners and individuals who reach these families.

Recovery Health Network

Recovery Health Network (RHN) was created to help you save up to 94% on your prescription drugs at more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide. This free discount program was started by a few friends who were in the same recovery center receiving treatment to live clean and sober lives. Their shared common experience included waiting in lines several times each day to receive costly prescription drugs. This is where they realized most residents at the center either had minimal insurance, or more commonly, had no health insurance at all. The residents were constantly made aware of the high cost of the drugs, and how the cost of those necessary prescriptions would severely impact their lives in the future. Though the friends were fortunate enough to have adequate insurance, witnessing the daily anguish of their fellow residents motivated them to discover a way to provide a program which could lower the cost of prescription drugs and make those prices available to every person in need through volume discounts. http://www.recoveryhealthnetwork.com/

Pinellas Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition
PERC provides resources for ex-offenders returning to Pinellas County. http://www.exoffender.org/

Re-Entry Mythbusters
This Myth Buster is one in a series of fact sheets intended to clarify existing federal policies that affect formerly incarcerated individuals and their families. Each year, more than 700,000 individuals are released from state and federal prisons. Another 9 million cycle through local jails. When reentry fails, the social and economic costs are high — more crime, more victims, more family distress, and more pressure on already-strained state and municipal budgets.

Click on the link above to view a sample portfolio. The portfolio was created to assist inmates in reentering the job market. It includes examples of a cover letter, resume, reference letters, thank you letter, recommendations, certificates, GED, federal bonding program information, tax credit information, and locations of Career One-Stop Centers throughout the state.

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity is responsible for providing One-Stop Program Support services (workforce program information, guidance and technical assistance) to the Regional Workforce Boards, as well as providing Labor Market Statistics information to our workforce partners and the general public. Veteran information is available on this site.

Career One-Stop in Florida
Centers provide access to workforce information, job counseling and placement programs, and various other resources. One Stop Career Centers also provide education and job training support. There are also numerous electronic resources available through the program’s website. http://www.servicelocator.org/Search/etaSearchOffice.asp?zip=&city=&state=FL&proximity=25&search=Search

Federal Bonding Program
Founded in 1966, the FBP was designed to protect employers from fraudulent or dishonest acts by “at-risk” employees (i.e. candidates with a history of arrest or other morally questionable behavior). Since commercially available bonds do not protect businesses against these candidates, the FBP provides free protection bonds for the first six months of employment. These benefits are available to any employer in any state, and information on the application process is available on the organization’s website. http://www.bonds4jobs.com/

Occupations List for the state of Florida
A list of targeted occupations within the state of Florida by state and region. http://www.workforceflorida.com/Publications/TargetedOccupationsList/TargetedOccupationsList.php

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit incentive that the Congress provides to private-sector businesses for hiring individuals from nine target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. The main objective of this program is to enable the targeted employees to gradually move from economic dependency into self-sufficiency as they earn a steady income and become contributing taxpayers, while the participating employers are compensated by being able to reduce their federal income tax liability. WOTC joins other workforce programs that help incentivize workplace diversity and facilitate access to good jobs for American workers. http://www.doleta.gov/business/Incentives/opptax/

Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP)
Provide services to assist in reintegrating homeless veterans into meaningful employment within the labor force and to stimulate the development of effective service delivery systems that will address the complex problems facing homeless veterans. http://www.dol.gov/vets/programs/fact/Homeless_veterans_fs04.htm

Transition Assistant Passport (TAP) Booklet
Click on the link above to view this useful tool for the inmates to assist them in concisely keep their transition information.
Safelink Wireles
Cell phones to assist inmates with finding housing, employment, and other resources necessary to reenter society upon release.
Money Smart Financial Education Program
FDIC’s comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to help low- and moderate-income individuals outside the financial mainstream enhance financial skills and create positive banking relationships. http://www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/moneysmart/index.html

2-1-1 provides free and confidential information and referrals, including food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more.
Nursing Homes
State – Florida Health Finder
State – Nursing Home Guide
Federal – Nursing Home Compare

Staff Resources

Coaching Packets:

The Coaching Packets provide an overview of a key topic related to successful offender reentry, concrete strategies and key steps for enhancing practice in this area, and a “self assessment tool” that jurisdictions can use to evaluate their strengths and challenges in the particular topic area discussed. The packets are organized in three series:
Series 1 provides a blueprint for an effective offender reentry system;
Series 2 addresses key issues related to the delivery of evidence-based services to offenders; and
Series 3 provides guidance and tools to ensure that reentry efforts achieve their intended outcomes.

The National Reentry Resource Center:
The National Reentry Resource Center, established by the Second Chance Act (Public Law 110-199) and administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice, provides education, training, and technical assistance to states, tribes, territories, local governments, service providers, non-profit organizations, and corrections institutions working on prisoner reentry. http://www.nationalreentryresourcecenter.org/

Office of Justice Programs
On June 22, 2011 the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) launched CrimeSolutions.gov, a one-stop shop for information about programs that work in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime victim services. This new website is a credible resource to inform practitioners about what works using the best available evidence in order to help state, local, and tribal jurisdictions address crime effectively and efficiently. http://www.crimesolutions.gov



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