Community Restoration Outreach

The unique factors of OGF are all based on the premise of the personal approach taken,  giving each of the clients what they need in order to become successful in life. Especially the fact of providing the opportunity for those who show willingness to learn, a chance to prove their worth, and to develop a foundation for a new career. Those who are interested in speaking to other ex-offenders, ex-addicts and troubled youths, are facilitating the change in others, with a mantra of ” let each one teach one.”  Though the education and reaching out is important, OGF sees the opportunity for closing the gap between the community and ex-offenders through CRABBEO (Community Restoration And Beautification By Ex-Offenders).  Their purpose is to beautify landmarks, parks, roads, benches or any noticeable eye-sores that will improve the look of the community. in times of trouble or disaster, this group would come to the aid of the community in any way possible; bringing our clients to interact with the people of society, to help change the stigma associated with ex-offenders and addicts in recovery, and making the world a better place..


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