Why We Stand Out as a “Diamond in the Rough”

Many factors of the program that are our bread and butter, set us apart from the pack.  Family counseling is used to aid in repairing relationships, and secure a solid support group for clients. The highest standard of care is provided to the clients from the time they arrive, until they are ready to take the next step into their newly created, positively- reinforced life. By focusing not only client progress, but education of their families on the factors that will contribute to or hinder further growth and development of the clients.  Our OGF counselors will be working closely to monitor medication management of the clients, teaching them and their families, proper medication management guidelines, and why strict adherence to them is necessary.  We regularly seek out relationships that would greatly benefit the clients as well as the community.  The partnerships that we form will become the base of something greater as we move forward with our plans to expand. Expansion of our support groups will bring other projects focused on helping women and children in need of assistance.  We welcome those with mental health issues as well; facilitating their treatment by consulting with the mental health counselors, and creating a cooperative treatment plan that addresses all the issues necessary for the client’s best chance of success in all areas of life, especially for dual diagnosed clients.   In addition there will also be life skills and business coaches on staff, to aid in the proper growth and development of the clients skills. The object is to better their personal, business, life intentions, and aspirations.  Those who are interested in becoming a coach may join the facilitator program, earning hours and as they study for their certification in one of 40 different specialized licensed professional coach titles. Members of the program become trained to facilitate preventative education and awareness programs like; smoking cessation, AIDS & Hepatitis awareness, safe sex, tuberculosis, and drug education. These clients will essentially become the pride and joy of our program, because it is a perfect example of our LEOTO (Let Each One Teach One) philosophy.  Our goal is to bring a different view to the community that we not only want to change ourselves, but that we can help others that want to change, and better themselves to become the great beings they were destined to be.


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