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There is something significant about the simplicity of the adage; a hard days work for a hard days pay…

At times I consider the alternative to this life…perhaps an alternate world, where I made all the right choices, and everything came easy. Then I play the tape forward a bit and consider how boring and unfulfilling life would be with out the mundane, yet essential bits that bring me my sense of purpose. These days I find that I am frustrated to not accomplish things at the rate at which I have attained my goals in the recent past. There are those times where I find that a one on one talk is needed in the mirror to motivate , evaluate, and adjust my intentions and focus, in order to align once agin with my velocity of planned achievement and growth as a conscious co-creative force in the universe. However, It has been many moons since I regretted a decision; for each choice or step had its tasteful consequences and rewards. The greater the struggle, the greater the growth, the greater the growth the greater the man’s soul…this seems to have been my personal life philosophy, and I can’t say that I would change a thing. With each breath I take in new life and understanding of the simplicity of existence. In the little truths that are discovered through self observation and evaluation, I receive greater understanding of the essence of my being; which become my greatest reward for the moments toils. As acceptance of self and purpose become one united thought, and my drive is manifested more and more from my conscious evolution of self, there is vast open prayerful meditative magic in the air, positively charging the atmosphere, drawing towards me the fruits of my intentions, and manifestations of my inner Godly self; which has the creative forces to wield at its conscious demand. It is that very force that I allow to just be… as it is perfect in its own right and quintessential essence. As I work each day to become a better man than I was the day before, I also put my all into everything I do, as a rule I strive to overachieve the standard and become a new measure of achievement for myself so that others may see that only the limitations set by self can obstruct or accelerate ones own ability to succeed.


The Diluted Nature of a Man Torn

A thing mixed, is a thing weakened…every time a person decides to place them-self in two opposite worlds, or frames of mind at the same time, they dilute the purity of their essence more and more, until they have lost the potency of their very being. It is humankind’s propensity to become like that which they surround themselves with. It would be wise to surround one’s self with positive and powerful people who are focused on love, edifying others, evolution of thought, and betterment of humankind. If society is to progress, and men and woman around the world unite, then we must completely accept the idea that others may actually see things differently. Although, because they see things differently does not mean that they themselves are so different. It is important to embrace the ideas of one’s brothers and sisters, so that you may consider new perspective, and perhaps even learn a better means of achieving our personal goals as well as those of the community. We are One heart, mind, and spirit, created in the beginning and eternal in our quintessential essence of being. Take to heart my words and consider the fact that you are given new fresh life every time you breathe in. You essence is refilled with each breath, as God enters into your vessel and presses out through our system in order to experience the moment of mortal connection to being. For what we see as insignificant and trivial existence compared to God’s, is seen by him as the greatest experience to be have an ability to chose and use our will to do as we desire. Even God has rules to abide by in order to maintain balance in the cosmos. Consider the next time you are having a bad day, what God has to deal with on a daily basis these days with so much war and violence going on. Just remember you can change it at any moment and when you become the person that exists in the moment and is connected to the future and the inner creative force to change the circumstances that cause your demise.


Open Yourself to Your Inner Light and the Universe will Yield its Folds to Your Path


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Retrieved from NASA online: http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/starsgalaxies/Collision_Feature.html PeteSF 23:28, 22 February 2007 (UTC) Caption: Estimated distribution of dark matter making up 22% of the mass of the universe and dark energy making up 74%, with ‘normal’ matter making up only 0.4% of the mass of the universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basting in my lessons learned from the endless cycle of strive and struggle, I glide through the tunnels of growth and development, accepting the knowledge of ancient as truth to be joined with our own understanding.  Now everything has a different color, as I tend to seek my path not through my human eyes, but my spiritual-eye, allowing me to see with the innate understanding of love, power, and justice. Blessed by my understanding of the greater laws and forces at work int he cosmos, I am able to unite the Christ-consciousness with my own efforts in life. This brings me great peace in that I am always right where I should be for what ever reason necessitated by the universal intentions of myself and others. As a part of the integrated universal consciousness, one is capable of tapping into endless lives of memories and information. The significant force in that simple thought alone is phenomenal. Through individuation we obtain new perspective and see the world from a different vantage point. There is so much happening at any given moment in this universe alone, that it is mind-boggling to think about the potential power in one atom, one boson. We have officially created matter and observed a new dimension of possibilities and wonder. (see:http://home.web.cern.ch/about/physics/search-higgs-boson) in this single discovery we have shattered ages of research and even the laws of physics that matter cannot be created or destroyed. This has cleared the drawing board and opened the stream of worldly scholars working round the clock to discover the secrets of these new and unseen forces. There are things that we has uncovered that have our minds warped trying to wrap around the multidimensional aspects of it all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Ng5nsj9Q0 There is something just as intriguing as creating matter, and that is the matter that no one knows exists. Dark matter does not interact with the electromagnetic force. This means it does not absorb, reflect or emit light, making it extremely hard to spot. Dark matter seems to outweigh visible matter roughly six to one, making up about 26% of all the matter in the universe. (see:http://home.web.cern.ch/about/physics/dark-matter) william J. Broad said:“A cosmic mystery of immense proportions, once seemingly on the verge of solution, has deepened and left astronomers and astrophysicists more baffled than ever. The crux… is that the vast majority of the mass of the universe seems to be missing.”(see:http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/2013/04/10/what-matters-about-dark-matter/) When you think about that, there really is a lot going on around us no matter where you are or are not. There are entire universes folded within themselves like a Russian Babushka Doll,always revealing in layers more infinite possibilities to explore. We should look to this new dimensional aspect of life and embrace the possibilities of the unimaginable. The future is now and we must unite in our efforts to guide and help each other grow. There is only one way we can do this and that is by understanding the key, know “thy-self”, and “to thine own self be true”. Bring about truth and justice through reason and righteousness, and allow the genuine love and respect you build for yourself, become your gift to others struggling along the path of self-enlightenment.

A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime

A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime…these are three categories that I must constantly maintain awareness of to prevent from over extending myself to those in my life I care about. It is important to recognize the importance of gauging the intentions of the people who enter into our lives each day. If you are like me, you spend a lot of time externalizing the need to fix yourself, by trying to fix the ones around you. This leads to a huge deficit in both energy and personal time, that often leads to depression and fatigue. The simple fact is, every person we meet is there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, which one is not always clear to us; but over time, we begin to see how these relationships will either thrive or just fade away. The main question always remaining to be; is the relationship moving me towards or away from my life goals? I would recommend that you read this poem and think about the relationships in your life, past present, and future. You should see thing with a new perspective, and be able to see where some people just were not meant for a long term purpose in your life. There is a certain peace in being able to see that it was not us that caused the person to leave our lives, it was always meant for them to move on, once they served their purpose, to the circle of your life. On that note I say to all of you who have been a part of my life for a reason, a season or a lifetime; thank you for the lessons, love, and support, on this spiritual journey of self exploration, and my quest to build a better world by building better people. Without your influence, I would not have become the man I am today, as the sum of all those experiences with all of you throughout the years of my life.