Project GROWTH is a program that assists under served communities to facilitate actualization of entrepreneurial aspirations; or help others to obtain career skills or specific industry certification for better upward mobility in their current field of work. GROWTH or Guiding Rectitude Obliging Willfully Towards Humanity is the culmination of our work to find a cause that would perpetuate individuals aspirations in life. It is vessel through which we intend to change the lives of our clients and their families forever.  We aim to provide all necessary soft-skills, life-skills, certified training, education, and resources for advancement in both one’s career as well as life goals.  If you are interested in offering your services or participating in our mentor program please contact us at 561-331-2888 for further information and necessary applications. psy4

Become a Volunteer Mentor

Mentors are an integral necessary component of the OGF model. Without proper inspiration and guidance many great ideas can falter and fade away; taking with them the passion and drive that make people feel independent and in control of their destiny. We are seeking professional and life role models, who are willing to help like minded people to accomplish their employment goals and life aspirations.  Please submit your resume or a brief essay of your field of interest and qualifications you might share, so we can properly assess clients and match your mentee accordingly. This position is strictly voluntary, although some sites offer a small stipend to cover expenses such as travel and food.

Position Title: Mentor

Responsibilities/ Duties

  • Develop and maintain a meaningful relationship with one or more program participants
  • Participate in mentor orientation and attend other scheduled training sessions
  • Abide by all guidelines set forth by the program and organization
  • Provide regular updates to Mentor/ Volunteer Coordinator

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school diploma required, college degree recommended
  • Relatively successful in life and career
  • Ability to listen
  • Realistic expectation of mentee’s receptiveness and cooperation
  • Respectful of mentee’s religious beliefs and cultural sensitivity
  • Ability to adapt to constructive criticismOriginal Guidance Foundation FA
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