Take In Life’s Glorious Rage…

Take In Life’s Glorious Rage as it Comes…

Learn to Flow With The Harshest Waters; and Overcome

Your Greatest Adversary Through Patience and Persistence…  

Today I will understand that I am an active part of the cosmos, greeting conflict with acceptance and embrace, as I yield to the philosophy of non resistance…The Wu-Wei provides no questions and no answers, yet all can be understood from it. It does not discover or express, yet it is found. It cannot give or take, yet it is wholly received. This blessed way of peaceful simplicity has become my savior in tumultuous waters of anxiety and angst, caused by the plastic people of this world. Such poisoned bitter taste is to be had by the darkened actions of those who once were dear and respected friends and family, turned now to something else…However, the love I have for the self inside has grown beyond such trivial matters. That which I have in my heart to give to others still aches to be shared for the greater good, and I intend to see it shared with all who embrace my thoughts, actions, and words. I believe a love based on spirit does not fear being hurt, so then expression of love between those in the collective, becomes transitionally developmental; as the exchange of spiritual strengths build out new conscious awareness of greater purpose and existence.  With the will of he who controls the balance between good and evil within himself; he could influence the world to do the same.  Perpetually creating a mass production of level minded, highly functional individuals with great talents to help man and go beyond standard comprehension.  What Legacy are you perpetuating today?  Not yesterday not 5 minutes ago, but now this very moment.  It is all we truly have, fleeting though it seems, it is an eternity if given its due respect.  Its mention of value not in time but  in life is immeasurable and should be treated as such.


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