Pressed to Impress

A New Approach to Facilitating Client Reentry into the Workforce Using Real Life Common Sense and Compassionate Care

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Original Guidance Foundation is proud to present “Pressed to Impress”, the areas first men’s interview clothing and makeover program.  This program’s mission is to get the clients looking professionally pressed and ready to impress.  It can be hard enough trying to transition back into society after being incarcerated, sometimes all it takes is that extra shine to get in the door, and the magic takes over from there.  The stigma associated with ex-offenders and recovered addicts is a fierce adversary to contend with, and we must unite to begin to break down the stereotype that is burned into the center of so many.  Through active participation from our community program partners, we will be providing services like, barber shop visits, hygiene products, and fresh and pressed interview outfits fitted to the client in advance.  We even work on etiquette and acceptable language and behavior in the business world.  If you would like to donate interview attire or suits, dress shoes, or any office equipment, please contact us, and if you are a business which would like to get involved in this great community program,  please email for more information.  We are extremely excited to be providing these services and look forward to serving our clients and the community, building a better world by building better people.

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