Back to Work Clothing Drive



We are collecting clothes for both males and females, who are in need of business appropriate attire in order  better prepare  for interviews, work, or events where a dress code is imposed. It is hard enough to re-build ones life after long-term incarceration or rehabilitation, without having to worry about clothing, food, shelter, money, the list is endless. We aim to make some of those challenges just a bit easier by giving a helping hand where ever we can. All clothing collected in the Back to Work Clothing Drive will go to clients in transitional re-entry programs. If you would like to donate clothing for the Back to Work Clothing Drive, please contact me through the contact box and I will make arrangements. We thank you for your devotion and support our cause.



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  1. Michael Pierangelino | Reply

    The clothing drive has been quite a success. Thank you all who contributed, we could not do it without you. With your help, we have distributed over 1700 lbs of clothes to those trying to restart their lives from scratch. Thank you all for your support, and please don’t forget us whenever you have clothes you would like to donate. Thanks again, always remember we are building a better world by building better people. Pay it forward!

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