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Awaken To The Greatness Always Was…



Awaken to the greatness which always was and never fades…Arise and feel the essence of the true self beyond the noise of societies intricately planned and placed tribulations and Siren sung lures that bring you to endless labyrinths of senseless toil and unnecessary pains. Awaken to the one true voice of the higher self, and know that you are great and powerful and only you can access or deny the cocreative force that exists within each and every being. Lay down your self defeating thoughts and mindset and be free of the hell on earth created by the inability to trust in thine own greatness. You are all that is needed for salvation. No other conduit or channel sold is remotely more effective than One’s direct connection and communication with the Godforce placed within upon creation. Know that through you with you and in you is the power of God and his creative ability. Nothing else need be present for your path to yield to thine own will and manifest the destiny you inherently possess.




“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”
By Dylan Thomas

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

There can be no substitute for the perseverence of the fiery spirit in a quest to achieve one’s life aspirations. Many try and most fail because they eventually accept defeat and solumnly sink into the myre of self pity. The haters cheer on as they broadcast their intentions for our demise. Most begin to listen to the hype instead of their heart. The heart will always trump the falacious projections of the darkness. The heart is the engine for the body to strive while the soul thrives. It is not about what you have but what you believe you can do that ultimately makes for success. Take in the series of glorious defeats Ghandi mentions in everyday life, and learn to embrace them with love and light so that they may add to your repertoire and provide sound lessons to propel forward and defeat your adversities. Always believe in your ability to improvise adapt and overcome. Step into your desitny and own it.

Michael Guido Pierangelino

We Can Not Do It Alone

Original Guidance Foundation FA

To Whom It May Concern:

Original Guidance Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is impacting communities, empowering and  our clients through proper life skills and vocational training, and building a better world by building better people.  This year we will be having a series of fundraising projects, as well as a series of community outreach projects.  These events will help to fund our services which have been provided entirely out of pocket from the founding officers to this point, yet we cannot do it alone.  Necessary services and classes we facilitate along with providing food, clothes, and other supplies to under served communities

  • Pressed to Impress
    • This program is geared towards providing assistance to prepare clients for employment interviews
    • Mach interviews to help clients to get comfortable being asked questions about their skills and backround
    • Resume writing  and job ettiquatte classes
    • Job Coaches guide clients through the process
  • Job Fair and Seminar
    • This program unites ex-offenders who are seeking employment with employers willing to look past their background
    • Business Coaches  and Key Note Speakers Mixer
  • Impact Families
    • Designed to provide assistance to families of clients and throughout the community
  • Car Wash
    • All proceeds of this event will help fund outreach functions in the community for homeless and crisis teams
  •  GROWTH Dinner Banquet and Art Festival 
    • This event is designed to raise funds for Original Guidance Foundation’s project GROWTH (Guiding Rectitude Obliging Willfully Towards Humanity) so it may continue to carry out its initiatives to facilitate business and life skills that change clients lives and allow them to become masters of their own destiny
    • Guide career advancement and retooling or certification training for a new field of work
    • Single Parent Entrepreneurial Classes guides ambition to become a business owner and provide better quality of living to their families
    • Life Coaching and Business Coaches available around the clock
    • Mentors program allows access to successful individuals in the clients expressed field of interest

However, today’s tough economic conditions make it difficult for OGF, Inc. to meet those needs without help from companies and individuals like you. We are currently seeking out sponsorship and partnership opportunities with agencies who wish to support our cause.

We extend an invite to your organization to participate or donate in any way that might better help us accomplish our goals.  Monetary and food items are at the top of the needs chain, but we will take any donation possible that helps further our mission.

While all of us are susceptible to hard times, our target demographic is at huge risk, and these events will help to make a difference in their lives.  With generous support of people like you, we will be able to help individuals meet essential needs, and provide a structure to facilitate positive changes for themselves and their families.  Thank you again, for helping make these events a success.


Michael Pierangelino


Original Guidance Foundation, Inc.

EIN: 46-4494515

Office: 561-331-2228 / Cell: 561-619-1991

We Have Arrived


Michael Pierangelino


561-331-2ACT (2228)




Original Guidance Foundation  FA

Original Guidance Foundation INc.

“Building a Better World by Building Better People”


We Have Arrived…“Together with our community alliance partners we are changing the standard for transitional services; replacing the stigma and unfair disadvantages of being labeled an “ex-con”, with compassionate legislation and acceptance for recovering addicts and ex-offenders’ civil rights.  Through providing essential tools to clients to help them build a solid foundation for their new future, we find clients are motivated to thrive on their dreams, instead of surviving in the streets.” – Michael Pierangelino (CEO)

  Our mission is to change the stigma associated with ex-offenders, and facilitate their vocational training and higher-education, building their marketable skills.  We are dedicated to ensuring their successful reentry and employment in society.                                                                                      

No stone is left unturned when developing winning strategy for the success of our clients. We examine all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, in order to fully understand how to best facilitate the advancement of the client in their careers, while teaching them to improve the quality of their lives, through self-discipline and guided purpose.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact us at 561-331-2ACT (2228) or email at

Correctional Education and Recidivism

The Economic Impact and

Correlation between Correctional Education and Recidivism

Original Guidance Foundation  FA 

An Official Original Guidance Foundation Report

Presented by Founder /CEO: Michael Guido Pierangelino

Date: 10/27/2013

Original Guidance Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the effective reform of the courts and correctional system, and reentry process; as well as the preservation and restoration of civil rights of ex-offenders who are doing their part, to become loyal and responsible members of a society, all in spite of the fact it does not generally provide a warm welcome to them.  If you would like to join us in our efforts to educate the public and advocate for a change, please contact Michael Pierangelino at 561-506-8022 or Our programs and partners are dedicated to the client’s transitional journey from inmates into successful business persons, or even entrepreneurs. This is one of many contributing factors of “building a better world by building better people.” Please view our website to learn more about getting involved in common-sense solutions to the problems society faces today.



The Economic Impact and Correlation between Correctional Education and Recidivism

            In this instance the author will be examining the correlating relationship between correctional education and recidivism, and how it impacts the US economy.  Recidivism, as it is referred to in this paper, regards the proportions of persons released from prison who are rearrested, reconvicted, and sent back to prison within a specific period of time.  This issue is important, because if people cannot escape the system, eventually it becomes overrun, necessitating construction of new prisons, to have a place for all the new offenders, as well as those returning.  The average annual cost to incarcerate an inmate is substantial, and some come back into the system two times every three years. The education costs are nominal in comparison, and would allow for a positive and confidence-building activity to be introduced into the inmate’s cold dark world.  If we educate and prepare them for societal obligations and real-life responsibilities, then we no longer create worse animals; we build better people out of men who forgot what it was like to be treated like a human being.  This allows these men to capture their own destiny along with the ability to break the cycle of recidivism, and in that same token save the system hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Currently the United States is known to incarcerate more of its population than any country in the world.  The incarceration rate in 2008 was 753 per 100,000 people; that’s over 2.3 million Americans, 240 percent higher than in1980 (Schmitt, 2010). This means that in 2008 one out of every 48 men of working-age was in prison or jail.  Sixty percent of them were non-violent offenders.  In that year government spent 75 billion on corrections, which went mostly for incarceration (Schmitt, 2010).  At an average cost of $28,000 to $31,000 dollars a year per inmate, it is clear how this issue can make or break a budget (Bozick, 2103).  Since the government is so concerned over debt ceilings and spending cuts, maybe they should consider some real alternatives to imprisoning good people for petty crimes.

There are programs that present alternatives to prison.  Simply reducing the non-violent offender population in prisons by half, would allow for 16.9 billion per year to be shaved off that large 75 billion dollar bill for corrections (Schmitt, 2010). Oregon implemented a program that freed up a quarter of its correctional bed space, by instituting for non-violent offenders a “new school” instead of a “no tolerance” approach to violations. Offenders face a variety of graduated communal sanctions, including short-term jail stays as needed to hold them accountable.  Results of the Pew/ASCA survey shows 5.9 percent of offenders in Oregon released in 1999 and only 3.3 percent of the 2004 cohort committed technical violations resulting in their return to prison (Schmitt, 2010). This trend to implement evidence based practices has taken effect across the country, as more evidence based research reveals more positive socioeconomic results.

There are those states who become the exception to the rule. According to 1011.81(3) of the Florida College System Program Fund of the Florida Constitution, “that no funds shall be expended for the education of state or federal inmates.” So, until there is an amendment to this law, other options have to be accessed in order to provide higher-education to inmates, most probably charities or private funding.  This is a problem that has no easy solution. However, if the government invests in these efficient programs that manifest amazing and undeniable results, the positive change it perpetuates, will have an exponential reduction of the recidivism rate. The financial resources it would free up are phenomenal, and with that money new schools could be built teachers could get better salaries, new programs and housing for inmates being released.  Some of that money could go towards transitional programs, which have been found to be effective in decreasing chances of recidivism.

Transition centers provide housing to inmates being released without a place to register as “home”.  They prevent a person from being homeless upon release, and allow for them to receive training and educational services, while being under the care of professionals trained to facilitate their successful reentry.  Some transition centers are more like work release centers where the occupants are still in prison and just go to work every day, with furlough on the weekends to see their families for eight hours.  This is a good incentive for inmates to behave well and participate in programs.  Signing up for classes in prison can be difficult, the lists are often very long.  But at transition centers the inmates can receive more individual attention with the smaller population, and more casual atmosphere.  Transition centers should become the new model for non-violent criminals with three to five year sentences.  The inmates can work and go to school while paying off their fines and court costs.  In this environment they can be better prepared to take on the responsibilities that await when they are released.

There must be a call to evaluate every measure of what is seen as the mean in the equation for successful reentry.  Approximately 68 percent of inmates in state prisons lack a high school diploma (Louis, 2013).  A cold fact that resonates when one considers how difficult life can be without an education in today’s world.  On top of the educational barrier, a criminal record that disqualifies the client from looking at state or government positions, which is a third of the available opportunities.  In addition, there is the employer’s prejudicial bias once he does a background check which reveals criminal infractions. The company policy may not cause an issue, but when it comes to the human mind, it sees what it wants to see.  If the employer has a predisposed dislike of felons, he more than likely will not give an ex-offender a chance to prove one’s self.  This is one reason why it is so important to acquire special knowledge that will add to their value and appeal.

Completion of most trade schools leaves the inmate with a specific job skill in high demand.  Research has shown that specificity sells, and by the clients arming themselves with the knowledge and skill-sets that are in shortage, they gain a comparative advantage. Vocational training and postsecondary education alone, increase the chance of employment by 28 percent, which alone is a significant enough reason to implement more of these programs (Louis, 2013).  For the human-race to continue to progress, it must be united in the purpose to improve the overall quality of life.  By investing in these programs not only is the quality of life improved for the clients, but for their families, and the community. Through the restructuring of the correctional system, the author believes there is hope for the balancing the budget, and to restore the innate ability to thrive off one’s dreams.  This is only possible with a stern review of corrections policy, and a new school approach to case management.

Evidence suggest through proactive case management, that change in criminal behavioral patterns is possible (Ostermann, 2013). Through assessing the inmates’ skill-sets and further understanding their criminogenic needs, a multi-dimensional composite is formed.  Then based on personal interests and natural abilities, proceed to develop a case plan that is tailored to maximize strength, minimize weakness, and address specific high risk factors, that pose a threat to the client’s successful integration back into society.  Once the client’s confidence level is restored, they will obtain higher goals, each adding value to their resume and character. When clients believe in themselves, and receive reward for their hard work, it builds integrity, and promotes healthy living.  This strengthens the economy two fold, by adding a tax-paying, bill paying citizen to the society, rather than placing them behind bars, to become a drain on the budget.  There is no sense in bringing financial ruin to the family that depends on them, just to satisfy the corporate greed to make a business out of warehousing people.

The financial result of recidivism alone is enough to warrant immediate action taken to reduce needless correctional spending. In a hypothetical study using a pool of 100 inmates, it was estimated that the costs of a three-year re-incarceration was between $2.94 million and $3.25 million for those who did not receive correctional education (Louis, 2013).  The cost to provide education to the same group of 100 inmates ranges from $140,000 to $174,400(Louis, 2013).  These numbers don’t lie, providing correctional education is the most cost-effective method, compared to the cost of re-incarceration (Louis, 2013).  Many of these studies have only concluded just over the last few years, and though many states are beginning to take notice, the trend is still catching. It is necessary for government to recognize the importance of these statistics, and act immediately in order to prevent our economy from certain collapse due to prehistoric policies and procedures that violate human rights, and promote the incarceration of everyday citizens for nominal criminal infractions.

In conclusion the evidence presents effective solutions to many of the correctional system’s current problems. Consider the potential to heal the community, while creating opportunity for growth and development in for the individual, where the system once cultivated negativity and reinforced failure. The economic benefits of correctional education make it hard to resist when proposing the government saves five dollars for every dollar invested (Louis, 2013).  It would make good sense to implement supervision over non-violent offenders, placing them on electronic monitoring.  Additionally, being home with where they can earn a living to support their families strengthens the economy.  The money then spent circulates throughout the community, and the supervision cost for  GPS monitoring create a revenue for the county and state, as well as shaving billions from the budget on a national scale for incarceration.

Everybody wins, but that doesn’t mean that the politicians will have the common-sense to see it.



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Be The Light Unto Self and Others

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Today I  understand that I am an active part of the cosmos, greeting conflict with acceptance and embrace, as I yield to the philosophy of non resistance…The Wu-Wei provides no questions and no answers, yet all can be understood from it. It does not discover or express, yet it is found. It cannot give or take, yet it is wholly received. This blessed way of peaceful simplicity has become my savior in the tumultuous waters of anxiety and angst, caused by the plastic people of this world. Such poisoned bitter taste is to be had,  by the darkened actions of those who once were dear and respected friends and family, turned now to something else…However, the love I have for self inside and out has grown beyond such trivial matters. That which I have in my heart to break bread with others still aches to be shared for the greater good. I intend to connect with all who embrace my thoughts, actions, and words in life. I believe a love based on spirit does not fear being hurt, so then expression of love between those in the collective, becomes transitional and developmental; as the exchange of spiritual strengths build out new conscious awareness of greater purpose and existence.  As talents are honed and skills become immaculate, the only thing left to do is let things happen.  Light in itself dispels every  bit of darkness, and there is infinite light that exist within your heart.  Tap into it and become your own eternal candle. Spread light and love to others, and show them how they can do it too.  The more beings that learn just to be, are more lights  lost souls can see while suffering in the shadows, from the depths of darkness.
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Let Go of Those Who Bring You Down

In this world of so much hatred, anger, and confusion; things can get a bit twisted in our world when we lose site of the fact that the greatest opportunity to lead a meaningful and positive filled life is through the people one surrounds themselves with.  If there is careful attention paid to those who are allowed in close proximity to us, then we are powerful over the energies we allow into or own field of functioning resonance.   When one with ill malice, discontent, and darkness is allowed to penetrate the circle, weakness is formed into the groups energetic influence, where darkness and negativity can find its way in regularly; destroying the work and good intentions of all in that circle. Make it a point to keep dreaming, and stay connected with those who continue to dream big; for the aspiration and influence they provide you are priceless.  When chasing ones dreams, it is important to allow cultivation of self actualization.  Realize that our ideas are just as real if not more perfect than the manifested reality we build into this world through our creative actions.  In transition form conception to accomplishment, we are witness to a beautiful shift in self as the creative forces within our being which were cultivated through our connection to true self, other, and God. download

The Games of Life and Learning to Live

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So interesting when life’s daily instances remind our hearts of so much pain…What once was such a thrill has now become a drill that rips and spreads, while rotating blades make way through central paths of arteries down into the gut.   Those who have been there are shaking their heads in agreement, remembering when they were left vulnerable to those who have taken advantage of the kindness and  vulnerabilities.  Made once to pray and love, but now so lost in such, that only madness seems to sooth the savage beastly rage of passionate drive to love and be loved, that lies within.  There can be but only so many bitter-sweet moments before the bite gets more bitter than wormwood; yet one drinks it down with anticipation and hope that the soul will be strong enough to fight for what is right and good for heart , body, mind, and soul.  However, when the sickened feeling subsides, recovery is consistent and possible.  The fruits produced by weathering the storms of the tumultuous waters of life, are sweater than the pains experienced in the passing moments of one’s past.  It is when we understand that we are the sum of all experiences we have encountered, that an individual may begin to allow fear to dissipate.  No more is it necessary to bring the baggage of the past into the bright future which a properly guided and enlightened mind holds.  Be free, and allow your inner God to express your true creative forces and contribute to betterment of self, other, and world.  Above all else, love yourself unconditionally. Don’t allow the darkness that stalks those who walk in the light, satisfaction of  feeding anger and ego. Maintain connection with that purpose that you were born to live out, and never let anything dissuade the aspirations and dreams which come directly from your inner God-self. Listen to the ancient voice that guides intentions, and you shall taste the sweet reward of aligning actions with intentions.


20140402-090944 PM.jpg

There is something significant about the simplicity of the adage; a hard days work for a hard days pay…

At times I consider the alternative to this life…perhaps an alternate world, where I made all the right choices, and everything came easy. Then I play the tape forward a bit and consider how boring and unfulfilling life would be with out the mundane, yet essential bits that bring me my sense of purpose. These days I find that I am frustrated to not accomplish things at the rate at which I have attained my goals in the recent past. There are those times where I find that a one on one talk is needed in the mirror to motivate , evaluate, and adjust my intentions and focus, in order to align once agin with my velocity of planned achievement and growth as a conscious co-creative force in the universe. However, It has been many moons since I regretted a decision; for each choice or step had its tasteful consequences and rewards. The greater the struggle, the greater the growth, the greater the growth the greater the man’s soul…this seems to have been my personal life philosophy, and I can’t say that I would change a thing. With each breath I take in new life and understanding of the simplicity of existence. In the little truths that are discovered through self observation and evaluation, I receive greater understanding of the essence of my being; which become my greatest reward for the moments toils. As acceptance of self and purpose become one united thought, and my drive is manifested more and more from my conscious evolution of self, there is vast open prayerful meditative magic in the air, positively charging the atmosphere, drawing towards me the fruits of my intentions, and manifestations of my inner Godly self; which has the creative forces to wield at its conscious demand. It is that very force that I allow to just be… as it is perfect in its own right and quintessential essence. As I work each day to become a better man than I was the day before, I also put my all into everything I do, as a rule I strive to overachieve the standard and become a new measure of achievement for myself so that others may see that only the limitations set by self can obstruct or accelerate ones own ability to succeed.

Mindfulness of The Connection With Others…and Becoming That Which is Given in Mind and Spirit

As I lay in thought of the days events, I am left with a sense of focus, and emotionally driven purpose. Today, as everyday before, I chose to be a deeply passionate man… Not just a man but a child of God. One who sends his Love out freely into the world, and continues to put faith and trust in others; regardless of the wounds suffered in the past because believe in the goodness of human kind as a race of beings. As I see it, to be truly alive, one must learn to live for others, seeing and feeling things through their eyes, even if for only a moment. Through the love created of divine-self inspiration, which is perpetuated in the expression of the unique individual there can be magical things that take place. To love one’s self enough to know that life provides all we need if we truly are mindful of the friendships that are placed in our path each moment. Many of us are connected through Soul ties….this is a subject that my long time friend and esteemed colleague Dr. Xzavier Williams, has written books on. We get into discussions about the soul tie connection, and how certain people will just always be there because they are connected through a metaphysical bond of energy, which always brings the paths of these individuals back to crossing over and over. This is not coincidence this is how things are. When you are looking into someone’s eyes connected in conversation and really feeling their vibe, there is more there then just a gaze, and it quickly builds, not a true love feeling, but a feeling like their soul is familiar. There is a peaceful presence that comes with that feeling which words are inadequate to express. It is two beautiful energy forces testing, tasting, and at times overtaking each other with a million calculations, and concerns, and projections…but, the reality is, the relationships that we forge from those conversations and taste tests of the mind; are what we use to build on based on connections made originally on another plane of existence through the divine creators sly and smooth operator style. So if you are picking up what I am putting down, then go out and do for others, but don’t just do be the giving…become that which is given in spirit to those you encounter on your travels. Be freely giving, and life shall be freely given unto you, as you increase the light in the lives of others…. let me here you say AMEN!