Online Blue Print

The Original Guidance Foundation website will provide access to resources for individuals as well as agencies. We will showcase photos and videos of all of our progress there, and provide information on upcoming events, clubs, and classes, also available to the public. It will also serve as a self-supporting referral site for clients,  and anyone wanting to support our cause. Set up like a bulletin board, there will be daily jobs posted to clients and member’s of our registry.  As OGF grows so will our needs and the website  as we slowly add more quality content through an interactive social networking grid, giving a real-time connection to the community and the current help that is available.  These grids will be created through networking with organizations, to get them involved in what we are doing, and then setting them up in the system.  Eventually we will offer a lot online. Counseling and crisis services, online fundraiser marathons, and a news segment called 15 minutes of truth. It investigates rumors and myths concerning the “re-entry” and “rehabilitation” of individuals coming out of long-term treatment or incarceration. Knowing is half the battle, and armed with the truth our clients will know where to invest their time, and what to avoid doing to prevent wasting time. That in itself is priceless because for many people, time is not something that is a luxury they can afford. When everyone else has turned their backs on the human beings OGF wants to be there to say everything is going to be alright.


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