Now Is The Time…Know The Facts About Re-Entry

The rehabilitation and re-entry services sector is growing at an enormous rate. Even better than that, the necessity for such services is increasing steadily at an even greater rate. Typically the services that are provided are mediocre and lackluster at best. They are out of date and do not provide the organized structure that necessitates the significant change by someone turning their life around. The market is ripe for entry of a Transitional center focused primarily on life skills, business skills training, and certification in licensed professions. OGF meets all the requirements of a next generation, leading edge, solution to a problem, that has been worsening for far to long. How can we expect any human being to live in less than human conditions, be treated less than human as an individual, and then be set free on society to act as a normal average human being would? We ask for people to repent for their sins by doing time for the crime they were convicted of, but don’t give them any assistance to become a better person. This is where we have failed as a nation and need to start putting an effort forth to change. By fixing the cause of the crime you prevent further crime and stop the rampant repeat offender status that is so easily achieved these days. We focus on what others neglect, the big picture of how to get along in the real world. Business skills and communications skills are absolutely mandatory in today’s world, OGF was designed and exists for the sole purpose of facilitating change in our clients. These are people who want to be there, and that is what makes it so successful. As someone who is a licensed professional in the industry, as well as went through the system, Michael Pierangelino is a man whose vision has given ex-offenders new hope for living a “normal life”. The community rich interaction that gives the community the opportunity to appreciate the work the clients do, and thereby positively impacting the society stigma about ex-offenders. Our program is one of building self-love and respect. It provides the tools for the willing to show what they know and grow as they go. There is nothing more sweet than a client blossoming into a stronger greater existence because of the guidance you have given them.

Top 10 Offenses on June 30, 2012

Primary Offense

# Inmates

% total inmates

Robbery With Weapon



Burglary of a Dwelling



Manufacture, Sale or Purchase of Drugs



Capital (First Degree) Murder



Drug Trafficking



Lewd and Lascivious Behavior



Second Degree Murder



Robbery Without Weapon



Aggravated Battery



Weapons Possession



The Florida Department of Children and Families reports that 472,996 adults and 122,740
children/adolescents are in need of publicly supported substance abuse treatment services.

The current population of Palm Beach County as of 2012 census is 1,356,545 people. Florida’s current population sits at 19,317,568 people.In August 2012, the Florida Department of Corrections housed 100,272 inmates in its 60 state prisons (including seven private prisons), and supervised almost 115,000 active offenders on community supervision at 156 probation offices throughout the state. Basically the prisons are filling up as fast as they are emptying and we are just starting to work with re-entry programs that will bear fruit in the coming decade. However, Original Guidance Foundation is the solution to accelerating that recidivism reduction plan for 2014! Our goal is to mainstream a solution to the lack of resources and assistance made available to those not having anything to fall back on, but breaking the law when they get hungry.  Welcome are the new wave of getting to the root of the problem….most of all crimes committed are out of a need for money. If a man is hungry and you give the man a fish you feed him for a meal, but if you teach the man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. This program is different from anything that has ever been implemented in that it combines philosophy, psychology, first hand understanding, and just plain old common sense. We are building a better world by building better people…When they learn to believe in them selves then they begin to believe in new possibilities.That in itself is magic that permeates the air and positively charges the people around them, but that’s just the beginning  We show the clients what they have to offer the world and how to reform that into a motivation to get an education or licensed in a new profession. We make sure countless resources are made available to them and that they understand how to access anything they need.   


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