Transcending Transition Centers

The market is fairly open when it comes to Transition Centers. Many people have half-way houses, but nothing of the magnitude or complexity of OGF. In the first 5 years we will revolutionize how re-entry is facilitated and re-write the manual. Moving more towards a multiple tier system that works the people through it that want to be there. That is key.   Some re-entry centers  biggest issue is about the 6 months forced I.O.P (Intensive Out-Patient) for people who didn’t even have a drug charge and did not want to be there, that is not efficient use of federal funding that is being poured into the system, and squandered by the tyrants with their hands in the cookie jar. We feel  you should let the ones come who want to get the perks of a special program, and reward those that do properly. Over the past decade more than 40,000 people were admitted to prison for technical violations of the terms of community supervision (probation), costing the state over one billion dollars. That is just senseless when we could be treating the conditions that cause the crimes in the first place. Following OGF into the future of transition and rehabilitation, you will find that we don’t waste senseless money prosecuting cases that should have never seen the light of day. We will work with the Public Defender’s Office and State Attorney’s Office to set up an alternative to incarceration for long periods on drug  and non-violent offenses.  Community control release work programs that have been successful in the past to generate revenue and save expenses of the tax payers, will be our foundation as we strike an agreement that makes sense for the community, clients, and the  state.  We see the end to senseless incarceration through building a better world by building better people.



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