The Vision

Original Guidance Foundation will focus on providing services and housing to ex-offenders and recovering addicts, in order to facilitate re-entry into society, and ultimately their vocational success. Based in West Palm Beach, it will provide help to bridge the gap between clients and their families, and get them ready for taking on new responsibilities as a productive member of society. It is our duty to the clients to help aid their re-vocation and re-learning of new skills for their career. To provide the resources for them to get the help that they need to start over, and learn how giving back is the way that you receive greater blessings in life. We focus on the concept of providing an environment conducive of the necessities of the individuals to restructure their lives, to better themselves, their families and the community.

OGF will become the new standard in Transitional Re-Entry facilities. The heart of its purpose is perpetuated by the five “P”s. Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance, becomes a mantra teaching clients the things that will give them confidence when life throws curve balls. Using addictions counseling, peer facilitation, time management, anger management, basic and business computer skills training, business management concepts, and classes teaching about credit and debt; we will create the self-confidence needed for clients to succeed as active members of society. There will be case managers assigned to assist each client with all of their specific re-entry needs. From paying restitution to getting a D-6 clearance for traffic infractions that have suspended clients driving privileges. All aspects of the clients needs will be evaluated and addressed. No client should leave the OGF Without understanding how to handle these day-to-day issues on their own with confidence.


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