Seeking Letters of Support

We are currently seeking letters of support from both residents and businesses in the community. In order for our plans approved we must have the approval and support of society and its commerce partners. We need your help home owners, business owners, churches, other non-profit organizations, schools, city, county, and state officials. We appreciate any time you take to assist us in our mission, since it is imperative that we obtain the approval of the people in the community in which we will be operating. There is hope for the hopeless, and we will not rest until everyone knows they don’t have to rebuild their lives alone. Anyone who’s ever started over knows that there is one thing about life is that it will always kick you in the stomach when your down on the ground. There are few people who can not identify with having the odds against you, wanting to do the right thing, struggling against the madness and disaster that crashes upon the shores of sanity each day. So much can be done better in order to aid facilitation of re-entry for the people who are struggling to do the right thing, rather than what we have been doing, which is throwing gasoline on the fire. We can have a positive impact on so many lives by just donating our time to teach a someone a trade or how to read. When you teach people how to help themselves, you ensure perpetuation of the kindness you have shown them will be passed on ten-fold. We have but the first few steps to take together, and the rest will happen on its own as we begin to get momentum in our efforts to make a positive impact on the bottom line of recidivism and transitional services. Please send email to for instructions on writing a letter of support. In addition we have included a response box below for your questions, comments, or ideas. If there is any issue, use the box below to contact me, and I will e-mail you the form and instructions. We appreciate your interest, and would like to thank you for your support, as nothing that we aim to accomplish, is possible without the support of the community.


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