Join Our Cause

Join us to fight for the civil liberties and resources that we are all entitled to, regardless of our poor decisions, or mistakes in the past.  If you feel you can dedicate your talents or expertise to our efforts then please contact us, and let us know what you feel you can bring to the table. We need your support, and no matter how small of a contribution, we would love to have you become a part of our Original Guidance family.  If you are a mental health counselor, substance abuse professional, certified coach, or  peer facilitator, we have need for your assistance. We wish to create a program that will allow clients the opportunity to assume a career path in social services.  Let Each One Teach One (LEOTO) allows clients to study and earn hours to become certified national/international/or state licensed professionals, in nearly 45 different specialties. This program builds confidence and educates while opening doors to a whole new world of opportunity and achievement.  We are looking to build bridges that will get people from the prison gates or long-term rehab facility; back into society in a healthy, functional, and supporting role, that will facilitate the better adjustment of other like individuals that can offer guidance based on their experience, strength, and hope.

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