Awaken To The Greatness Always Was…



Awaken to the greatness which always was and never fades…Arise and feel the essence of the true self beyond the noise of societies intricately planned and placed tribulations and Siren sung lures that bring you to endless labyrinths of senseless toil and unnecessary pains. Awaken to the one true voice of the higher self, and know that you are great and powerful and only you can access or deny the cocreative force that exists within each and every being. Lay down your self defeating thoughts and mindset and be free of the hell on earth created by the inability to trust in thine own greatness. You are all that is needed for salvation. No other conduit or channel sold is remotely more effective than One’s direct connection and communication with the Godforce placed within upon creation. Know that through you with you and in you is the power of God and his creative ability. Nothing else need be present for your path to yield to thine own will and manifest the destiny you inherently possess.


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