We Can Not Do It Alone

Original Guidance Foundation FA

To Whom It May Concern:

Original Guidance Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is impacting communities, empowering and  our clients through proper life skills and vocational training, and building a better world by building better people.  This year we will be having a series of fundraising projects, as well as a series of community outreach projects.  These events will help to fund our services which have been provided entirely out of pocket from the founding officers to this point, yet we cannot do it alone.  Necessary services and classes we facilitate along with providing food, clothes, and other supplies to under served communities

  • Pressed to Impress
    • This program is geared towards providing assistance to prepare clients for employment interviews
    • Mach interviews to help clients to get comfortable being asked questions about their skills and backround
    • Resume writing  and job ettiquatte classes
    • Job Coaches guide clients through the process
  • Job Fair and Seminar
    • This program unites ex-offenders who are seeking employment with employers willing to look past their background
    • Business Coaches  and Key Note Speakers Mixer
  • Impact Families
    • Designed to provide assistance to families of clients and throughout the community
  • Car Wash
    • All proceeds of this event will help fund outreach functions in the community for homeless and crisis teams
  •  GROWTH Dinner Banquet and Art Festival 
    • This event is designed to raise funds for Original Guidance Foundation’s project GROWTH (Guiding Rectitude Obliging Willfully Towards Humanity) so it may continue to carry out its initiatives to facilitate business and life skills that change clients lives and allow them to become masters of their own destiny
    • Guide career advancement and retooling or certification training for a new field of work
    • Single Parent Entrepreneurial Classes guides ambition to become a business owner and provide better quality of living to their families
    • Life Coaching and Business Coaches available around the clock
    • Mentors program allows access to successful individuals in the clients expressed field of interest

However, today’s tough economic conditions make it difficult for OGF, Inc. to meet those needs without help from companies and individuals like you. We are currently seeking out sponsorship and partnership opportunities with agencies who wish to support our cause.

We extend an invite to your organization to participate or donate in any way that might better help us accomplish our goals.  Monetary and food items are at the top of the needs chain, but we will take any donation possible that helps further our mission.

While all of us are susceptible to hard times, our target demographic is at huge risk, and these events will help to make a difference in their lives.  With generous support of people like you, we will be able to help individuals meet essential needs, and provide a structure to facilitate positive changes for themselves and their families.  Thank you again, for helping make these events a success.


Michael Pierangelino


Original Guidance Foundation, Inc.

EIN: 46-4494515

Office: 561-331-2228 / Cell: 561-619-1991




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