We Have Arrived


Michael Pierangelino


561-331-2ACT (2228)






Original Guidance Foundation  FA

Original Guidance Foundation INc.

“Building a Better World by Building Better People”


We Have Arrived…“Together with our community alliance partners we are changing the standard for transitional services; replacing the stigma and unfair disadvantages of being labeled an “ex-con”, with compassionate legislation and acceptance for recovering addicts and ex-offenders’ civil rights.  Through providing essential tools to clients to help them build a solid foundation for their new future, we find clients are motivated to thrive on their dreams, instead of surviving in the streets.” – Michael Pierangelino (CEO)

  Our mission is to change the stigma associated with ex-offenders, and facilitate their vocational training and higher-education, building their marketable skills.  We are dedicated to ensuring their successful reentry and employment in society.                                                                                      

No stone is left unturned when developing winning strategy for the success of our clients. We examine all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, in order to fully understand how to best facilitate the advancement of the client in their careers, while teaching them to improve the quality of their lives, through self-discipline and guided purpose.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact us at 561-331-2ACT (2228) or email at info@originalguidancefoundation.org


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