Let Go of Those Who Bring You Down

In this world of so much hatred, anger, and confusion; things can get a bit twisted in our world when we lose site of the fact that the greatest opportunity to lead a meaningful and positive filled life is through the people one surrounds themselves with.  If there is careful attention paid to those who are allowed in close proximity to us, then we are powerful over the energies we allow into or own field of functioning resonance.   When one with ill malice, discontent, and darkness is allowed to penetrate the circle, weakness is formed into the groups energetic influence, where darkness and negativity can find its way in regularly; destroying the work and good intentions of all in that circle. Make it a point to keep dreaming, and stay connected with those who continue to dream big; for the aspiration and influence they provide you are priceless.  When chasing ones dreams, it is important to allow cultivation of self actualization.  Realize that our ideas are just as real if not more perfect than the manifested reality we build into this world through our creative actions.  In transition form conception to accomplishment, we are witness to a beautiful shift in self as the creative forces within our being which were cultivated through our connection to true self, other, and God. download


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