The Games of Life and Learning to Live

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So interesting when life’s daily instances remind our hearts of so much pain…What once was such a thrill has now become a drill that rips and spreads, while rotating blades make way through central paths of arteries down into the gut.   Those who have been there are shaking their heads in agreement, remembering when they were left vulnerable to those who have taken advantage of the kindness and  vulnerabilities.  Made once to pray and love, but now so lost in such, that only madness seems to sooth the savage beastly rage of passionate drive to love and be loved, that lies within.  There can be but only so many bitter-sweet moments before the bite gets more bitter than wormwood; yet one drinks it down with anticipation and hope that the soul will be strong enough to fight for what is right and good for heart , body, mind, and soul.  However, when the sickened feeling subsides, recovery is consistent and possible.  The fruits produced by weathering the storms of the tumultuous waters of life, are sweater than the pains experienced in the passing moments of one’s past.  It is when we understand that we are the sum of all experiences we have encountered, that an individual may begin to allow fear to dissipate.  No more is it necessary to bring the baggage of the past into the bright future which a properly guided and enlightened mind holds.  Be free, and allow your inner God to express your true creative forces and contribute to betterment of self, other, and world.  Above all else, love yourself unconditionally. Don’t allow the darkness that stalks those who walk in the light, satisfaction of  feeding anger and ego. Maintain connection with that purpose that you were born to live out, and never let anything dissuade the aspirations and dreams which come directly from your inner God-self. Listen to the ancient voice that guides intentions, and you shall taste the sweet reward of aligning actions with intentions.


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