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There is something significant about the simplicity of the adage; a hard days work for a hard days pay…

At times I consider the alternative to this life…perhaps an alternate world, where I made all the right choices, and everything came easy. Then I play the tape forward a bit and consider how boring and unfulfilling life would be with out the mundane, yet essential bits that bring me my sense of purpose. These days I find that I am frustrated to not accomplish things at the rate at which I have attained my goals in the recent past. There are those times where I find that a one on one talk is needed in the mirror to motivate , evaluate, and adjust my intentions and focus, in order to align once agin with my velocity of planned achievement and growth as a conscious co-creative force in the universe. However, It has been many moons since I regretted a decision; for each choice or step had its tasteful consequences and rewards. The greater the struggle, the greater the growth, the greater the growth the greater the man’s soul…this seems to have been my personal life philosophy, and I can’t say that I would change a thing. With each breath I take in new life and understanding of the simplicity of existence. In the little truths that are discovered through self observation and evaluation, I receive greater understanding of the essence of my being; which become my greatest reward for the moments toils. As acceptance of self and purpose become one united thought, and my drive is manifested more and more from my conscious evolution of self, there is vast open prayerful meditative magic in the air, positively charging the atmosphere, drawing towards me the fruits of my intentions, and manifestations of my inner Godly self; which has the creative forces to wield at its conscious demand. It is that very force that I allow to just be… as it is perfect in its own right and quintessential essence. As I work each day to become a better man than I was the day before, I also put my all into everything I do, as a rule I strive to overachieve the standard and become a new measure of achievement for myself so that others may see that only the limitations set by self can obstruct or accelerate ones own ability to succeed.


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