Mindfulness of The Connection With Others…and Becoming That Which is Given in Mind and Spirit

As I lay in thought of the days events, I am left with a sense of focus, and emotionally driven purpose. Today, as everyday before, I chose to be a deeply passionate man… Not just a man but a child of God. One who sends his Love out freely into the world, and continues to put faith and trust in others; regardless of the wounds suffered in the past because believe in the goodness of human kind as a race of beings. As I see it, to be truly alive, one must learn to live for others, seeing and feeling things through their eyes, even if for only a moment. Through the love created of divine-self inspiration, which is perpetuated in the expression of the unique individual there can be magical things that take place. To love one’s self enough to know that life provides all we need if we truly are mindful of the friendships that are placed in our path each moment. Many of us are connected through Soul ties….this is a subject that my long time friend and esteemed colleague Dr. Xzavier Williams, has written books on. We get into discussions about the soul tie connection, and how certain people will just always be there because they are connected through a metaphysical bond of energy, which always brings the paths of these individuals back to crossing over and over. This is not coincidence this is how things are. When you are looking into someone’s eyes connected in conversation and really feeling their vibe, there is more there then just a gaze, and it quickly builds, not a true love feeling, but a feeling like their soul is familiar. There is a peaceful presence that comes with that feeling which words are inadequate to express. It is two beautiful energy forces testing, tasting, and at times overtaking each other with a million calculations, and concerns, and projections…but, the reality is, the relationships that we forge from those conversations and taste tests of the mind; are what we use to build on based on connections made originally on another plane of existence through the divine creators sly and smooth operator style. So if you are picking up what I am putting down, then go out and do for others, but don’t just do be the giving…become that which is given in spirit to those you encounter on your travels. Be freely giving, and life shall be freely given unto you, as you increase the light in the lives of others…. let me here you say AMEN!



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