The Diluted Nature of a Man Torn

A thing mixed, is a thing weakened…every time a person decides to place them-self in two opposite worlds, or frames of mind at the same time, they dilute the purity of their essence more and more, until they have lost the potency of their very being. It is humankind’s propensity to become like that which they surround themselves with. It would be wise to surround one’s self with positive and powerful people who are focused on love, edifying others, evolution of thought, and betterment of humankind. If society is to progress, and men and woman around the world unite, then we must completely accept the idea that others may actually see things differently. Although, because they see things differently does not mean that they themselves are so different. It is important to embrace the ideas of one’s brothers and sisters, so that you may consider new perspective, and perhaps even learn a better means of achieving our personal goals as well as those of the community. We are One heart, mind, and spirit, created in the beginning and eternal in our quintessential essence of being. Take to heart my words and consider the fact that you are given new fresh life every time you breathe in. You essence is refilled with each breath, as God enters into your vessel and presses out through our system in order to experience the moment of mortal connection to being. For what we see as insignificant and trivial existence compared to God’s, is seen by him as the greatest experience to be have an ability to chose and use our will to do as we desire. Even God has rules to abide by in order to maintain balance in the cosmos. Consider the next time you are having a bad day, what God has to deal with on a daily basis these days with so much war and violence going on. Just remember you can change it at any moment and when you become the person that exists in the moment and is connected to the future and the inner creative force to change the circumstances that cause your demise.



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