Inspirational Random Thought….Kicked-off by Aristotle!

“Again, we do not regard any of the senses as Wisdom; yet surely these give the most authoritative knowledge of particulars. But they do not tell us the ‘why’ of anything-e.g. why fire is hot; they only say that it is hot.”

“At first he who invented any art whatever that went beyond the common perceptions of man was naturally admired by men, not only because there was something useful in the inventions, but because he was thought wise and superior to the rest. But as more arts were invented, and some were directed to the necessities of life, others to recreation, the inventors of the latter were naturally always regarded as wiser than the inventors of the former, because their branches of knowledge did not aim at utility. Hence when all such inventions were already established, the sciences which do not aim at giving pleasure or at the necessities of life were discovered, and first in the places where men first began to have leisure. This is why the mathematical arts were founded in Egypt; for there the priestly caste was allowed to be at leisure. ”
Taken from:

Statue of Aristotle at the university of Freib...

Statue of Aristotle at the university of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These words are so crisp to those who have studied the ways of the wise ones before us. There are those who recognize they have gifts and live each day blessed,  getting to use those gifts to make the world a better place. When you tap into the greater source within your inner-being, you release an ancient greatness that was always there, into this present moment.  Others can feel that presence being brought into the moment,  like a static electricity building its charge. The people must continue to promote this evolution of  thought and being. They need to remember the important things in life like, family, friends, and the growth and development of  both the individual and the community. Never forgetting the obligation they  have to each other, to help ease the burdens of life’s everyday struggles.  Many people have abilities to see things differently and then portray that vision to others through art.  Art acts as a medium to transfer emotions and ideas into a concrete form, to be absorbed by the observer and felt through transference of that natural raw feeling and thought projected into its making. 

The artist is a category all  its own.  To many it is  means to dare to be different, and express themselves.   It means to dare to be truly your self.  To be freely released through  self-expression, through the art of engagement and extension. It is divinely beautiful, and one of the times when one is connected with all.  As purpose meets destiny and the stars align, there is hope.

We look  to the future, but we tremble about the now, will we ever get it together, check the egos, and put the weapons down. To break bread together, and make bread together, and take bread together, to others in shitty weather.  Stand up in your faith, let us all hold hands and pray.  With the chance to grow in light, invest in love and conscious rights.  Be civilized and contrite, if you make mistakes in life.  Never damage your name, and be good to those who are shamed, for they are not to blame for the wrongs in reflections gaze.  Make peace and pray, say peaceful sayings, lay contemplating and send thought astray.  Perhaps you’ll inspire another Monet.  Pay it forward, spread the message, make it more for future blessings, taste the truth and earn the dressings, place in the youth a stronger investing.  Learn to heal by touch and take care of your own, but never forget that the earth is all of our home…

With the choices we make with Mother Earth we make our eternal bed. In the sense that we go to dust in the ground when we die, so we are polluting our own burial grounds. Poisonous paths laid leave us feeling cold to touch! Love wanted so much, but kept slipping away… stay praying every day that this life will accept you. Your penance in blood to free you was not spent In vain. Let me BE as I SEE what is natural and clean, it brings me to see that the art is what sets me free. This expression of love we feel through this action; we call it a miracle, we call it compassion, we call it so many things, but ONE remains constant. We call it a lot of things, but we don’t call it often, cause no one can know the real truth but the author.



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