Get Lost in Nature and You Will Find Yourself!


Been there done it got the teeshirt! I spent 4 hours one time meditating at the top of a tree on hallucinogenic, thinking I was a leaf on a twig, on a branch on a limb, on the trunk of an oak tree…Another experiment left me telepathically communicating with an oak-tree, and it took me back in time, though it’s entire life! From a seed to the mighty oak, one day at a time, season after season of growth and struggle. Through snow and ice and being kicked over and covered. Weathering the storms of life as they come and pushing through breaking to daylight at first chance to revitalize the energy necessary to thrive, not just survive. All of that while staying in the same place, standing on that same square for over 400 years…and when it brought me back to the hear and now I understood the message. The tree is not made of different energy from us. It has its own purpose and being, and accepts its function in e cycle of life. It allows us to breathe clean air, and gives us shade and shelter. The air that we breath in between us and the trees, is no different, nor the water that quenches the trees our own thirst. It is important to remember our connection to nature in this easily technologically wooed world. The next time you feel the pressures of life bearing down, think about the mighty oak. The growth and struggle that it endures allows for its fortitude to be enforced as its mechanism of defense later on, after it has learned wether the storms and disasters of the game of life. Learn to bend like reeds in the wind to adversity, and release yourself of the burden of trying to meet expectations. Become that which your were born to BE and just allow the innate sense of light to be your guide. Walking in the light allows for you to never have fear of greatness. Fear is of the darkness, and only a human creation, it has no real power and is unreal. The course in Miracles teaches us that “nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal can exist.” So fear can not threaten us because it can not exist. We do or don’t do something, but it comes down to a conscious choice. There are times where that conscious choice is guided by spiritual principles and times where they are guided by lower nature in roots of material and carnal desire. They are all without a doubt choices and are always available to us if a knowledge them or not. A choice comes from within, not from without. There is a common misperception that our choices should be made based on our religious belief or ethnicity. This has some influence on the individual culturally, however it is not the way one should make decisions that bear consequence to their own life. We should begin to foster the children’s consciousness, guiding them to train their minds to hear the inherent voice of rightness and reason. To be able to listen to that first mind that takes them on the path to their purpose and greatness. It should be understood that we posses the answers to all the riddles of life, but are only relearning the principles again in this life, as we absorb new concepts and experiences, to build our spiritual essence and get to the quintessential of the self.


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