Seek Inside and You Shall Find a Truth of Purity and Divine Design


Looking at the unbelievable blue sky canvas, painted with wonderful formations of cumulonimbus, I am relieved of the burdons of daily life.  There is something magnificent in the ability to relinquish my fears, frustrations, and anxieties, into the great beautiful flow of the universe, and allow the peace and tranquility of the essential essence of life to fill my cup.  In this moment of infusion my greatness is restored to its full potential, and I can then proceed to cocreate with God, out of love and Divine purpose for the betterment of the human race.   
    When you connect with Love and it’s true creative force, it is a miraculous instant that changes you forever.  It makes you aware of the ability and power within each Miracle that takes place; as a Miracle is an expression of Love, with us acting as vessels for the miracle to pass from God, through us, to others.  This is how the cyclic nature of the universe perpetuates light into this world.  We are the portals for light to pass through and BE with. For the light is energy and the energy is God.  HE possesses the patience for man to evolve himself through the struggles of this land, to transcend body, mind, and soul, in order to achieve a system of consciousness, which will allow our connection with God to become unhindered by doubting one’s own divine ability and purpose. 
   As we explore the greater quintessential wonders of the universe, we are made aware of how immensely important it is to understand perception.  Our perception is what precipitates our present reality.  It is with this new perspective that we walk forward in the light, understanding the principle of natural law, that darkness cannot exist in the light, because darkness is the complete and total absense of light.  Therefore once entered into the Christ consciousness, one is cloaked in the armor of God.  We can then proceed to teach others to do the same so that we may begin to strengthen the people, and introduce them to their inherent abilities and greatness.  It is this action of tranference of the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, that enables us to become a perpetual student of life.
     As teachers we often will see reflections of our selves in our students.  This ever reminds us that we must always remember where we came from, and the journey we took to get where we are.  That leads me to a point of the here and now.   The value of this moment is priceless, for it can never be reclaimed again.  Once it passes, to eternity it is drawn and with it, the ability to control its outcome.  What ever was, was, and what ever will be, is based on what is right now.  So reach deep within yourself and tap into the source.  From God to one, through one to others, and then back to Him; the eternal cycle of Love, in its expressive nature of the Miracle.  Learn to embrace the concepts of self empowerment, self love, self motivation, self confidence, and self acceptance.   These are the foundation of a great future, living by rightness and reason’s guiding hands, as you progress towards transcendence of the human condition.  Be mindful of the connection between a good teacher and being a perpetual student of life themselves.  Always striving to achieve a state of unity and Oneness, so that we may stop surviving, and start thriving.  
     Take a look at the clouds next time you are outside, and picture all that you ever imagined possible coming true, all because you beilieve in your own inherent greatness.  Now picture there are no boundaries to your abilities, no weakness in your flank.  You are indestructible, and filled with God’s loving nature of forgiveness.  Let us not forget, that though we may harden the body like stone.  Our hearts will always have the capacity to embrace others, and are to remain pure in the transference of love from heart to heart, of the men and woman we come into contact with.  In this place there is hope.  In this mindset there is power, in this feeling there is expression, in this passion there is life…all that we are and know is in transition to something greater.  We are all on a path of self discovery, and consciously, infused, evolution.  Remember this in your travels, and treat those you meet with the respect that they deserve, and the universe shall bear fruits to you in the likes you could never possibly imagine.


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