Transcend Your Condition & Remember with Vision


Often, when faced with adversity, we tend to do one of two things; Wield the creative forces of the universe to engage and overcome your tribulations; or subside and relinquish power giving in to our fears. The irony is that nothing unreal can threaten us, however, we bow to its hollow body of lies and deceit, ignorant to the fact that we are projecting that very fear from within ourselves. It is your inner fear projected on the outer world, that creates the illusions of being defeated, and unable to cope with the situation at hand. We have to focus on the moment, stay present in the act of “Being”, and relinquish the restrictions caused by the human condition. It is beyond our human ability to actually connect to the divine energy that perpetuates life. We can however, through the spiritual realm, embrace a new image and understanding of life. We could become a voice among the wind, and have sight along the sea shores of every world; and it takes but a shift in our thoughts…If you have seen what you have to offer, and have not began to present to the world your gifts, I would press you to evaluate why that is, and address the issue immediately. For myself, it is a constant struggle to maintain the battleship with a one man crew. That is why I have found it helpful to incorporate supportive role relationships in my everyday life. Since this switch, I have managed to utilize many resources that would be otherwise unavailable to me. My understanding of situations is not always the best one, so I count on the professional and personal relationships in my life, to pick up the role of supportive encouragement and evaluation. When I get different points of view, keeping an open mind, I see the new perspective of the alternate minds eye. This is incorporated into my own understanding and en I am lead to new levels of awareness in self. The everyday little things we do that no one notices, I see as important declarations of what the truth is about a person. The facts are that life is always difficult if you make it difficult. Things will happen that are undesirable, and when that happens we can only absorb the moment, and “Be” with its presence in our lives, as it passes through, and when it passes let it be gone. Then you can understand how pressing this moment really is, as there will never be another one just like it. We can recreate in our minds, we can take pictures, we can make a video, but we can never actually relive that moment, as it was at that particular time, for us. This is a crucial thing to grab hold of, because of the nature of how precious time on earth actually is, compared to the eternal. When we learn to look with our third-eye, there is no question of the image that is reveled. For with human eyes, we cannot discover the real treasures of life, that lay hidden in plain sight.


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