The Guiding Voice


The significant clash of the waters splash, brings peace to my soul in the center of its mass.
With new teachers in mind for the future to mine, from the youth of today are the students combined.
Blinded past has been masked and cannot be recast, so let go of your ignorance, hatred, and sass.
Stay true to the facts, break down the broadcast, eliminate the past, because its gone and not made to last.
Reach deep within the Now, and you will uncover the How, have your truth discovered while you learn to transcend your power.
Please listen to the quiet voice, take comfort in your guided choice.
Be useful in your minded poise, be fruitful in the moments darkness destroys.
In choosing to be free, you have decided to lead the people.
If you are to succeed, you need to show and teach them as your equals.
With love and compassion, we seek newer fashion.
Sowing seeds in our actions, to breed future passions.
Expressing conscious inner thought, we unite our effort and discard our faults.
For as One we are powerful, omnipotent, all seeing.
But only if each of us, taps into our own being.

-Michael Guido Pierangelino



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