Random Thoughts


Through viewing our significance from the perspective of the “it” or other, I see that no matter what we are, or where we are, everything has its own cycle of existence; perpetuating in its own energy, the essence of life. Through that life, one can either strive to achieve greatness, try to receive failure, or cry that their is not enough opportunity to do either. There is one consistent thing in the universe that is always present…energy. Be mindful of the energy you send out, and recognize its influence and power. Never take for granted the fact as it is written “ye are Gods”, and possess the creative forces of the universe within. Take comfort in the fact that you are a part of something much greater at work than the physical manifestations you see with your human eyes. You need but only open your third eye, and accept what God is telling you though the universe. Learn to listen to the soft subtle hints of divinity and purpose that well up inside of you. Let rightness and reason be your guide and kindness and passion to be your cause. Become one who can be embraced by self, and you open yourself to all. Become one that is embraced by all, and you will never be unwelcome anywhere. But, if you become one that is One with self and therefore One with all, then you have repaired the relationship with God, and transcended the human condition. Be at peace with your Oneness, and know that you are bound by duty, to now teach your brothers and sisters how to find that same peace within themselves.


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