There is a trend of strange talk these days, about ex-offenders who served 100% of their time they were sentenced to, being granted their civil rights back. I know, it sounds crazy but “they” think “they” deserve the right to be a part of the society they pay taxes in, as law biding citizens of the United States of America! Well personally I have to admit, there may be some bias in my opinion, based on the fact that I have a checkered past. But, as a fan of playing devil’s advocate, I must consider the the other side of the coin, in order to get a more clear picture of the situation at hand. There must be consequences to breaking the laws that pertain to impeding on any individuals inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In that same token the punishment should fit the crime, and when that sentence is carried out in full, the individual should be accepted back into position in the society. The United States has become a place where all men are created unequally, and the ones with the money, have the power, and preparation, to withstand any opposing forces that would attempt to dethrone them. We must begin to understand the “rat in a maze” the American people have blindly and willfully become. If we are to rise up as a people, to obtain the light that is promised, to every man and woman that strives to transcend the human condition; then we must become at peace with the fact, that the emotions that fuel so many of our decisions, are based in illusory make up of our own creation. We only feel, what we will to feel, and even then it is strictly a human condition. To “Be”, now that is something so much more….to strive to achieve, to thrive and believe, to open your third eye and see, is all an extension of the collective consciousness that is One. Reaching out though different people, the One separates into the duality, and then exponential reproduction of the cosmic energy that exists within every living being. It is in this moment that you have the power to decide what you want from the universe. Set your sites on it, lock in and don’t look away till it comes to you. Then pick another goal, and another, and keep going. The harder you push the harder you ball, and soon you will have a wall of accomplishments. But the trick is to look at those accomplishments and be grateful for the many that supported you in the times of dedication and focus on you dreams. Those who make the sacrifices know what I am talking about. We delay gratification and punish ourselves with more toil and more responsibility, because we are made to exceed our own expectations. When ever we do, there is a new heightened sense of ability and strength. There is no growth without struggle, for they are an eternally balanced pair in life. For us the satisfaction is in accomplishment, but for a moment, then it is on to the next project of focus. We are transcending the human condition and becoming more the spiritual beings we were meant to be. Follow that sense and make yourself at peace with the fact that everything has its time. Just know that our time is now, and the time of The rise of the people is soon to come. Patience and persistence always pays off…
Some say my writing is abstract and vague, I say it’s quite the opposite. I write so that those who take the time to read in between the lines, will receive a message of pure perpetual greatness, and that message will resonate inside those individuals. They will be affected by the frequency and nature of the truth that I speak. It will allow for their minds to receive the idea that they themselves are of God with that new found knowledge they have the ability to co-create. My experiences have lead me down many different walks of life, but by far this stretch has been the most difficult to persevere, due to the fact of my background taking precedence over my ability to do what I do as business consultant. Not everyone is blessedly have a wonderful family to support them, and every person has their story to tell. I believe that a person can always change and do the right thing. Sometimes they just need to be shown that the right thing was never very hard to do in the first place, when you make thinking by rightness and reason your main priority. Think on it and respond.


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