A Change is Going to Come


As the day moves on, I see different things in my own behavior that stick out as undesirable thoughts and perceptions. It is because I remain in constant analysis of my entire existence, that I am aware of these nuances that regularly become the antecedent to catastrophic changes in a persons character. I find that as a man trying to build a better world by building better people, I am held to higher standard of expectations. At the same time I am highly scrutinized by those who fear my delivery of the truth, in hopes to find my Achilles heal, in order to devalue and diffuse my purpose. I stand on my square as a man with every corner at 90 degrees. My mind is solid, and connected to the divine purpose. My spirit is fierce, fueled by the light of God that pulsates from within me, perpetuating the creative forces of God through my thoughts and actions. I hold true to the words that I speak into existence, because the power of the creative word can move mountains, as well as crumble Kingdoms. My thoughts are wild and free, and though I can not tame them, I chose which ones I entertain and manifest into this world. It is this single conscious act of nurturing only ideas that are based in light. When one romances the ideas of the darkness, they open channels for the elements to take hold of their spirit. It is like riding shotgun(passenger-side) in your own mind, a witnessing presence in the mind and body, making you a marionette of flesh to the elementals. They have a whirl with your body through addictive behavior, and satisfy desires of the lower nature with masochistic and primal urges, always to the detriment of the host. It is in this state that we perform many of the acts we would otherwise be incapable of. This is in no way an excuse of unacceptable behavior. It only explains in a sense what is going on when people are taken over with these urges that are to others sick behavior, but to them only seems natural at the time and place, because they are consumed in the idea that they must receive some instant gratification to feed our impulsive natured selves. When you see the way things really are, there is no excuse not to make the right choice you just do or do not make the right choice, but nothing forces you. Until you are able to vibrate your energy level high enough you will be prey to those who see your weaknesses from the darkness. One thing about it though once you make it to the light, it’s a done deal. Light is the absence of darkness there for darkness cannot exist in the light. When you walk The Path, and stand on your square as a man or woman, you become a part of the living foundation that is humanity. As a part of that foundation, it is your responsibility to remain aware of your own weaknesses and turn them into strengths. When you maintain awareness of your self, and your brothers and sisters, you then have awareness of the divine in truth and purity. We are all connected to each other as well as the divine creative power that formed this particular universe that we are folded into, among the infinite others; folded over time and around space, to create a perfect symbiotic flow of consciousness that is was and always will Be. It is time for you to wake up and claim your body back form the elemental parasites that are taking you away from the light, on a joy ride crash ’em up excursion. See the changes happening and allow the light to guid e you back to where the darkness cannot go. Remember this it is always darkest just before the dawn, and the light of a single candle cannot be extinguished by all the darkness in the world.


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