Tired of All the Lies…Mass Media’s Effects on Societal Prejudice


I notice a trend in America these days, the government lying to the people, to confuse and control them. As good citizens attempt to stay informed on current events, they unfortunately subject themselves to reprogramming signals, through subliminal imagery, and impulse stimulation. In fact, anytime you are seeing or hearing anything but the direct experience, it can not be trusted as authentic. This single reason alone is bringing our beautiful country down the tubes; all. All because of a large group of people, that get most of what they base their beliefs on media broadcasts or publications. Previous research suggests that public knowledge about crime and justice is largely derived from the media (Roberts and Doob, 1990; Surette, 1998). This research seeks to build on previous research by addressing three research questions which I have listed below, as well as some additional questions we aim to understand more about, for the purpose of this article. 1)What is the relationship between media consumption and fear of 2)What is the relationship between media consumption and punitive attitudes? 3)What is the relationship between media consumption and public ratings of police effectiveness? 4)What is the relationship between media consumption and the public opinion of transitional re-entry re-vocation, and education, of the individuals who have served their time, as punishment for their crime? 5)What is the relationship between media consumption and the public outrage of the correctional system costing the tax payers billions to allow the inmates “luxuries and comforts”?

Firstly let’s look at the relationship media consumption and fear of crime. As we all know, the media’s constant promotion of terror and fear are not new concepts to grasp. The few powers that control the bulk of 90 percent of the worlds media and communications giant, are certainly bias and powered by personal agendas. This leaves for a bit of a psychological thriller where the few control the many through manipulation and stimulation via the mass media that the world has become s dependent upon. The very thing they seek refuge to, becomes that which consumes their being, and transforms them into mindless drones, regurgitating responses to trigger questions. They become puppets, easily controlled by a simple click of a button and a fabricated story that looks really good on camera, but doesn’t hold to an ounce of scrutiny, when you start looking at the numbers and facts.

Second we have the relationship between media consumption and punitive attitudes. Now the fact that what society knows is what they watch, and what they watch, tells them several things ineffably sound in their minds. One, that criminals are bad people born to do evil things, two, that those criminals when caught, should’ve rev the maximum penalty allowed by law, three, when the criminal gets sentenced to death and we are still not happy, it is possible to give him multiple life sentences, in case he comes back, and four, any attempts to “rehabilitate” a criminal, is an always has been a waste of time and tax payers’ money. Now that being said, we recognize that not everyone buys into the stereotype, but the majority does, and that is our biggest problem. Not enough people seek out their own understandings of the truth, rather than be told what the truth is. We need to start promoting free thought and self discovery. Don’t let someone tell you what you like, find out for yourself and let it be known that is what you like. We train people how to treat us and when we train people to respect us because we respect ourselves, we transcend to a whole new level of consciousness.

Third we had the relationship between media consumption and the public opinion of police effectiveness. You don’t have to go far when looking to find someone to say that the job CSI and SVU are doing is fantastic. The fact is the average person does not discern between the real thing and tv shows. In fact now with the “reality shows” there is now even more propagandous slander going about. The producers are having a field day with bringing the world behind the scenes, into all things from sacred to sacrilegious. The average person has no idea how good the police are really doing, or what the actual problems are that are causing these “crime waves” across America. We aim to express to the world a desire to teach those willing to learn the truth for themselves, how to extract form their inner being the innate greatness that is and always has been. It is time to love the reality in stead of watching someone else’s version. The universe is interactive and highly unique in its opening different possibilities for each individual that is connected to it. When you participate the game changes, it’s no longer someone else’s mistakes they are yours, and the consequences and rewards are yours just the same. People should learn to not accept what they see, but listen to what they feel inherently.

Forth we had the relationship between media consumption and the public opinion on re-entry, re-vocation, and education of the individuals who have served their time, as punishment for their crime. Lets start with the basics…They were put there as punishment, not to be punished. Many would say they are the same, but I would pose to them a question that everyone should ask themselves before passing judgement, what if it were you? A judge passes sentence on an individual based on his criminal history, family support, community involvement, accountability for the wrongs they committed, and mental or substance abuse issues. He uses a very stiff guideline that is set by who I am not sure, but it is supposed to insure that justice is served. Then the individual officially is taken in as a ward of the state. They lose all rights to be an ordinary citizen, and are stripped of the right to bare arms and take part in the “democratic” system that looks after its people so well. That sounds like a pretty good amount of punishment to me! I don’t know maybe it’s me, on top of being stripped of your humanity, and reduced to nothing more than a 7 digit number, then being warehoused in conditions that are not up to animal control regulations for pets, and giving them nothing positive to do; I am pretty sure that no one is going to come out and want to produce a normal life and be ambitious about accomplishing good. That’s just my opinion I could be wrong, what do you think we should do? I feel strongly that the need to re educate America is just as important as educating those incarcerated. We all must learn to be open to new understanding and methods, in order to achieve a more collective united consciousness, and help to heal the damage that we have inadvertently caused this world with centuries of the promotion of divide and conquer strategies, by our governments, and leaders of the old. It’s time to look at the facts, recidivism matters, and every state in this nation who has implemented a re-entry program with educational and vocational certification, has has a direct impact on the recidivism rate by an average of 22%! That is huge when you consider the effects of that in ten years the results would be an exponential reduction in the rate of repeat offenders. This has an overall effect on the community by families not being torn apart, and there is less of a feeling of hopelessness for those getting out because they know the odds are not necessarily stacked against them. If we get passed the personal issues we have, that make us want to cause someone suffering for a lifetime, and recalibrate our moral compass, we can plainly see that the punishment no longer fits the crime. We must then examine our ways of punishment that have become more like mental torture chambers, and replace those ways, with evidence based practices that have an impact on the individuals ability to recognize his faults, and have the desire to change or the betterment of himself and mankind.

The fifth element of this subject is one that is the greatest obstacle to creating a world of tolerance and understanding, when it comes to the re-entry of ex-offenders, and the prevention of their return to incarceration. Reviewing the relationship between media consumption and the public opinion of transitional re-entry, re-vocation, and education, of the individuals who have served their time, as punishment for their crime? We know that a majority of all people who absorb mass media feel criminals are worthless, because of the reinforced thoughts created by watching the programming, of fear based television programs today’s cable services dish out by the package. As they are watching all this panic media about the system being overcrowded, and our tax dollars going towards inmates as they live like they are at a yacht club, with all you can eat buffets, A/C, free education, and conjugal visits! People are outraged that these criminals are not even upset that they are away because its like a vacation. Ironically what the powers that be don’t want you to realize, is that while you are outraged at the criminal for creating this bottomless pit into which billions of tax dollars goes tumbling down. But, no one know just how deep the rabbit hole goes, or who’s pockets the money is really going into. On the surface everything looks very together and perfect. The pictures on the DOC website, the small bits of footage we get to see that has been edited till it is barely a glimpse of the actual picture. The department of corrections is all smoke and mirrors, and it has become the biggest front for embezzlement and corruption since the inception of the FED Reserve. There are people that have worked in DOC that do absolutely nothing but figure out what they can do in their position, to manipulate the system to better their personal lives. The programs that are being slammed for deficient results, are not even being implemented on a base level, so they never stood a chance of having any impact on the prisoners. When the news reports on a correctional facility, they are only allowed for “security reasons” to show the footage that the warden approves, and personally edits. So do you really think he will allow the public to see what he has locked in the dungeon. No I mean literally they have rooms that are comparable to some kind of breeding grounds for new a disease. These unacceptable rooms will only be cleaned out or pressure cleaned when there is going to be a major inspection, which only happens every few years. All I am saying is that if the people saw more of what it really is and less of what they want you to believe it is , then maybe they would not have such a hard time giving people a bit of a break on there character assessment. The fact remains that the conditions that most of the prisoners are kept in is less than acceptable for an unwanted animal, let alone a human being. We need to start showing the public what really goes on behind the gates and really question where that money goes, if not to keep up with the basic necessities of a clean and disease free environment. We need to ask for audits of the actual inventory of the things they are buying. There is a bulk of products that end up at a swap shop meet, sold to make some pocket cash for a group of officers. And we are talking pressure cleaners, t-shirts, computers, tools, supplies, you name it its got a price on the black market. So it’s time to look at the real criminals here and separate the problem causes from those that are working towards a solution.

So, what does it all mean? Well for starters we need to start becoming more active reporters of our witnessing account of events. What is news, but a particular news producers view of what they want the world to see. There is one common denominator to all of this, mass media affects those who interact with it. If we can begin to probe a little deeper than the surface of what ever is presented to us, we can see all the wires and traps, used to make thing appear as they want you to perceive them. Perception is quite the double edged sword, it can hinder our growth and keep us wilted in the darkness, or give us the extra push into the light so that we can thrive. As you watch the next news program or read the next article, think about the real motives behind the piece, and ask what are the gas I can put my hands on to really look into this. The average person doesn’t care what the facts are, because they are lazy, and that is no excuse to allow the human race to be dumbed down and reprogrammed with fictitious facts and propaganda laydened lines of media mediocrity. What if we had a channel that was for the people by the people? What if we had a news broadcast that was reporting the truth, based on facts with real tangible evidence, you yourself could look at with your own eyes? Imagine not being distracted by the sideshow politics, of every issue, by the Tea-Baggers and the Democratic Dildos, trying to persuade you to vote this way or support that way. Can’t we just be presented with the facts, and decide for ourselves, without a thousand infomercials in between the biased and highly prejudicial news broadcasts, that are selectively edited to send the desired message? I say the time is now for us to unite, and create a Internet broadcast of news stories for the people, by the people. I believe that through collaboration and our conscious effort to perpetuate truth, we can develop a system of freelance writers and news broadcasters, who will be able to compile, a concentrated compilation of truthful stories that affect us as individuals and a community. If you are thinking in this same line, maybe its time we stop thinking and start doing. Join me in my conquest to free the truth from mass media’s tainted grasp. Please support our efforts in any way you can, we are fighting for the rights of all people here, not just a small group. It’s time we pull our heads out of the sand as a country, and begin to demand our rights back and better yet, stop freely giving them away, because of some fear based subliminal reprograming fed to us through the mass media. The time is now, the place is where ever your at, and the truth shall set you free.


By: Michael Pierangelino 2013


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