Now is the Time…Might for Right!


I have seen and heard to much to pretend that inequality is not used in this country to re-distribute power. The creation of “A New Minority” has become a silent killer of the American spirit, that once made this country a beautiful and truly free place. One that allows for those with an idea to follow their inherent sense of purpose. The single most crippling fault of the American system, is the undeniable penetration of the corporate giants reach, into government affairs, and international policy. Their are undeniably forces at work, that guide the principle interests of the governing body in the United States of America. 99% is a lot of wealth to be able to throw around to make magic happen in cabinet or anywhere else on earth for that matter. There is a constant flow of energy into the plan of creating a world where half of us have no rights to participate in this great failed hypocrisy of a Democracy. Each day we are duped into freely giving away our rights, without ever realizing the true consequences of our naivety. When the pool of ex-offenders grows daily with everything from “felony driving on suspended” to “possession of medication”, there is little room for error to allow those types of dangerous and obviously threatening people to participate in the American Democracy system. However they are not to horrible of people to consider giving loans to that have exorbitant fees and interest rates. Not to mention that 30-40 percent of that individuals income goes to taxes if they do manage to beat the odds and succeed in life. But that’s fair right? You know the old adage, “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. So I think it perfectly fair that a human being breaks the law, then pays for the crime, he pays with his time, his labor, his family, his mind, and his soul. Oh yea then when he get put out on the streets with nothing and no one, then we expect them to act right and become productive members of society. Which means basically you did your time, you served your time, now fuck you pay me! “We want you taxes paid, and don’t forget to pay those tickets with the 21% annual interest, from 10 years ago, when you went to prison for your first offense for having your brothers meds in your car. Oh yea and your car was impounded and your brother never paid the tab so you we sold you $45,000 car to cover the cost of storage. But good luck to you in your new attempt to make a positive and legitimate way of living your new life”.

There is something wrong with the picture that people in this country have about how thing actually are. It is not their fault they believe what they read and see on the news. Propaganda has risen to new levels. With the help of social media, news broadcasts, the good old American game of telephone, extremist groups are lobbying 24/7 in order to subliminally push agendas and ideas into the American people’s heads. It is my hope to encourage people to challenge what they hear and see and begin to use their third eye when looking at situations. What does your inner being tell you is true? Seek out your own answers on topics of interest before you gossip about subjects based on the marionettes of news madness, that have become the preferred weapons of choice for corporate greed to carry out its endeavors. Be mindful of the messages that are being transmitted all around you. Digital, analogue, radio, microwave, energy, it’s all charged with messages from past, present, and future. The effect of this is a confusing meld of mixed ideas and crazy emotions, that causes many people to become disconnected from their authentic selves. If you are conscious of these facts, then you can decide to arm yourself with the most powerful and misused weapon of all, knowledge. They say, “a little bit of knowledge is dangerous”, and I have come to find that statement is absolutely and infallibly true. If we are ever to make any progress in the fight to regain our authentic selves or our civil rights as a nation, we have to start taking responsibility, and begin doing the work for ourselves, in order to get answers. Once that is achieved, we learn to teach others to do the same, as it is our duty as part of the collective consciousness, to assist our brothers and sisters in their quest for self, and help free the minds of those enslaved to the Matrix. Educate ourselves with truth, and begin to teach the next generations how to eliminate the evil, power hungry infestation that has plagued our beautiful country for centuries. We have to have commerce, and capitalism is a good thing, but the fact remains things are out of hand and way out of balance. We need the right to workers powers restored so that the playing field is at least even. The money is flowing, but only upstream, never where it matters, to the workers that spend the money! I propose an idea that we all begin to evaluate what we are really worth and strive to demand our worth. That is universal for work, personal, relationship, and the universe. Demand what you believe you true worth is and you shall receive it. Take comfort in the fact that you are a powerful being and your energy is a part of the universe, a unique part of the universe that is not to be replicated in exact space and nature. There will never be another you, so sport yourself proud and hold your head high, because that in itself is a wonderful miracle from God. In that simple concept you take back power of the creative force that lay within you, as well as reconnect to the One force that was in the beginning and so shall be in the end.



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