The Never Ending Dance of Life


As the beautiful sun comes crashing through the morning clouds of precipitated gloom I am awed with admiration, and inspired to perpetuate that wonderful warmth of unguarded love. So much has been learned from these years of tumultuous splendor and disparaged hope. I aim to manifest the concrete truth of those lessons, and present them to those who would have them as their guide, along their path through troubling endearments. With each new day I find more significant truth in the moments as they pass. Recognizing the small details in the fleeting sounds of afternoons activities. Never loosing touch with the fact that this is a glorious world with glorious amazing wonders. If we can learn to be our own Willie Wonka, and use our own imagination to free our minds, maybe our ass will follow…
There is much to be said about the delicate balance in life. It is surely a significant thing to take notice of opposites, because literally one has definition tied to the other. Light defines darkness, darkness defines light, black and white, positive and negative, good and evil. These are all intermingled and connected to exist in total harmony and balance. All things are as they should be, if you think not then perhaps you should reevaluate your situation and change your perception. Sometimes balance can be achieved just by allowing the object, or in this case ourselves, to center on its own gravity point. When we change our perspective, we allow a new point of view that shifts our understanding. When this is achieved, the fruit of our emotions is brought forth in the love that we share with others. That love is the glue of humanity, the sync cord of our spiritual selves. We are all connected, ONE! If we can embrace that fact then we can move on to more pressing matters. Perhaps we can begin caring for the planet we have been tearing up for 6000 years, done causing more damage than the 69billion years before our creation! Perhaps maybe we will learn to see the world as a whole, in stead of divide and conquer. If human beings start acting like the spiritual beings they are, then the material problems would work themselves out through natural balance, as we are all connected and necessary polar opposites. Center yourself, then teach others how to do the same. We begin to perpetuate the goodness in our hearts through others to build a greater power through unity and understanding. The balance within, brings the balance without; once you have manifested that gravitational pull of positivity, using all that negative experience from the past, there is only good that can come from your legacy. Think about it, how can you get more centered to maintain your balance with the universe? What can you say or do this moment, that can assist in the never ending ebb and flow, of life’s ironically elegant and sophisticatedly bitter-sweet dance.


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    The most amazing moment anyone can experience …. it’s like saying so many things with such little words.

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