The History of My Evolution and Secret of My Success


In 1997 I was suspended from school for 30 days for standing up for a principle to Ms Good, our senior Dean at JP Taravella High School. She wanted to make an example out of me by essentially making it impossible to graduate, even though I had worked hard enough to maintain a 3.2 GPA all through out high school. Her exact words were, “maybe you should go join the military, I just don’t think you are cut out for a scholar life…”, and with that I realized that 30 days suspension at 2.2 points off of my grade average per day that’s 66 points which brings a perfect A to a failing 44! So rather than repeat my senior year I was forced to leave school and go to work full time, always feeling like I got a raw deal. Truth is I became a victim of my own pity party over the next 2 decades trying to figure out exactly who I was, and what my purpose is. Excuse after excuse I used in order to drive myself further into a world of risk, rush, random acts of insanity, and groups who used a facade of peace, love, unity, and respect, to mask the criminality and control they were using to further their own personal selfish gain. All the while I felt like I was not worthy of happiness or self respect. At some point along that road, I recognized through the darkness a small spark of hope for my future. Small, but it was there. As I became more mindful of that small spark flickering in the black lonely night, there came a surge inside me that willed that spark to grow into a flame. The flame was fanned with inspirational wisdom and inherent knowledge of self, that allowed that flame to build into a great fire, which consumed the darkness around it 360 degrees, allowing me to see in all directions, on many levels. As I have fed that great fire with good deeds and actions that are becoming of a student of the tree of life, it has burst into a raging inferno, that completely transcends darkness and after filtering its energy, is able to utilize the negative for positive. As I sit here today recognizing that I have no more ill will towards those who have wronged me, I am at peace. There is little one can say to describe the immense power in that moment of recognition that you have obtained the secret of The Way. It frees us from the only real prison that really hold a spiritual being, harbored anger and negativity inside ourselves. On this path I have taken I have met many good people, many bad people, and many in between, but the most significant meeting in all my years, was the meeting of my true-self. So to all the Haters out there that never thought I would amount to anything, and especially to Ms Good, I hope that you enjoyed your failed attempts to prevent me from discovering my true purpose. I wish you a happy and wonderful life just the same, because I have no negative opinion about any man or woman, only the truth in which I see in their souls and actions. For those of you who are in a posits to influence the future of the youth, please consider that maybe if they are not listening to what you have to say, you might find a better way to communicate with them. Just because you understand them doesn’t mean you can just get rid of them, because it is to much work to actually try to do the right thing! I will say that the one teacher that I will never forget, is Mrs Haggey, my senior English teacher. she was one of the more disliked teacher because she expected a lot from her students and always pushed them to see that they can accomplish great things. High school seniors tend to misread that as someone who is a bit mean. She was not alway pleased with me because I would go on long bathroom breaks that took half the class, and sometimes was a bit of a class clown. However, she did make a firm stance against Ms Good to try to get her to allow me to do some penance that did not leave me forced to drop out when I got an 1160 on my SATs and had a 3.2 GPA. She argued that even though i was always wandering the halls and sleeping in class, I still knew more than half the other kids in her classes. She was a great teacher not because of what she did, but because of who she was, what she stood for, and what she believed in. She was an educator that believed in her kid’s future, and their potential to change the world. It’s because of teachers like her that I still am here going after my dreams and guiding others to do the same. To Mrs Haggey and all others who educate, guide, and support the youth of today in the darkness so they have great futures in the light of tomorrow, God bless your hearts, and thank you for the loving supportive energy you provide to universe through helping others on their path. Today, I am on an 8 year path to become a Dr. Of Psychology, and am only months away from becoming internationally licensed as a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist, and a Certified Recovery Support Specialist. I work everyday at helping people to better their situations bringing Light into people’s lives who often forget they are deserving of it. The most humbling and gratifying part of my day, is seeing someone smile and tell me that it was the first they smiled in many months and felt like they mattered , all because I listen to them and treat them with compassion and respect. In this, my life has found new meaning, and I am forever grateful for the gifts that were nurtured over the years by the interaction and inspiration of so many positive people throughout my years. Out of so much struggle and opposition, came such passionate drive to achieve the impossible and to show the rest of the world that everyone, no matter how much a lost cause they may seem, has the power inside them to accomplish greatness and wield the powers of the cosmos as a Master of the Universe. So if you have always been the underdog in life, you can make the conscious decision to start defying the gravitational pull of negativity and destructive forces at work in your life. Take the path of rightness and reason inward, to find a place where you know who you are, understand your purpose, are happy being yourself, and receive the ability to tap into the creative powers that lay dormant inside every human being. Join me in my mission to unite the misfits and make them realize that they now how a choice to be or not to be whatever they want in life. In conclusion I would ask that you now reflect to review who in your life has given you guidance or support that allowed for your growth and betterment as a human being. Give them a shout and let them know exactly how they made a difference, and how much it means to you that they invested their time in you. Now consider how you can do the same for someone else and just do it, that is how this works, you have to keep giving back in order to keep the energy flowing in a full circle. I hope this was a motivating tool for you and pray that you all find more ways to keep the tradition of believing in the underdog alive and well, after all you could be guiding the future President of the United States!



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