Cultural Essence Mirrored In Our Surroundings


There are many things that influence who we are as individuals. Take a moment to look around your work, home, or even your car. There are traces and artifacts that reflect your cultural makeup and influences on a day to day basis. If we assume that by culture we are talking not about our heritage, which can be a part of our culture, but is something quite separate in itself. It’s not where you are from, but more who we are. we surround ourselves with subconscious tastes of the culture, or construct of collective, that make us who we are. Think of what you make a part of your everyday life by ritual-like dedication. Things like checking your email, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin accounts, become a part of who we are, therefore a part of our individual culture. Think if how those sites all become extensions of our selves. We can project anything we want to project and it can be taken for truth or not, but he point is it is out there to be seen by all. It gives a form of expression to those who would normally not be heard. It gives an access to a world where you become who ever you want to be, but if you are smart you will just be yourself. The advantages of being true to yourself in the social world, is that you realize that people will love you for being the authentic you. For the ones out there caught in the struggle of the street-life, if you think about it… in the game people pay more for something that is real, and the realer it gets, the realer you better be! So it’s time to strap up, and fight for your deserved reward. Take the life that is promised to you and be comfortable with who you are. If you feel you are lost, than trace back your steps and look to your culture to guide you on your path. Because the things that you surround yourself with in everyday settings, are the things that are externalizations of your internal expression of genuine self. Small things you may not even notice anymore because they are so much a part of your routine. Think about your cell phones, think about your coffee machines, think about the cross, or mezuza. What seems simple inanimate objects to some, to others can be the the most significant focus in their existence. Each human being is a collective of unique and individual experience. Those experiences change our being as our growth and development as spiritual being becomes our primary drive. We begin to perpetuate our intentions with the surrounding energies that are like minded. Our acceptance of the unique individuality of each human being, having a spiritual twin that allows for us to transcend our essence into the astral, and throughout time and space. In twain our mirrored essence is reflected and though out our lives we are witness to a direct feedback of what you put out into the universe. The movie you live is of your own creation, and only you hold the pen to write a better script. learn to pay attention to your surroundings and feel who you are coming through the thing you surround yourself with daily. They don’t define you, they are your inner conscious being, communicating to you through the spiritual twain, by manifesting energy in physicality. Project the greatness and be genuine and real to yourself because you deserve your own respect, which is the only person that should matter. All the rest takes care of itself. Know thyself, and see the true man in the mirror, learn to love what you see and embrace all good and bad with in yourself, and believe you are worthy of the light.


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