Influencing Words

“Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”
-Georgia O’keeffe

That was just perfect, to sum up how I am feeling these last few months. I have finally been blessed with the great sensation of self-love, and truly understand my purpose in life’s roll of film. Ever increasing the thickness as time goes outward, not linear but spherically. Creating the moments of captured memories, lost to eternity forever, yet at one point in time intersecting with the alternate universes. Interwoven threads of life’s greatest experience and troubled lessons become me as I soar through the perpetuation of my greatest glory. Never again to doubt my inner beings strength and wisdom. For from the ashes of the past life I have been born anew to rise like the Phoenix from the dreariness of death. The culmination of the collective consciousness of life born out of death. As with the world and its polar opposites so are we are our own worlds, and have our own polar opposites. Always remember and be mindful of your connection to the world and hence the or galaxy, universe, or universes…then again there is dimensions…which way and direction do we flow with no peace? When we have no idea of our potential and do not push to achieve the impossible then how will we ever truly become anything better than we are now? If I believe in myself, and put the power I create into any”thing”in the known phenomenal universe, I believe that I can accomplish what no other man has accomplished before. As the Bible says “and Ye are Gods”,so Gods creative power that he bestows upon us, this creation of life… is more than an instrument of procreation, it is an instrument of all creation. The single most powerful force is Love…understand and accept that and all things begin to fall into place…need I say more?


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