Freedom from the Jail of the Human Condition

In order to obtain freedom from the jail of human condition one must reach a point to become aware of the evil and deprevity that exist in human life. Once cognizant of the “prison of matter” and it’s corruption, then you can comense the attack to break it’s bonds. The steps of progression are different for each human being. Becoming kinder, gentler, more spiritual, less materialistically oriented, and freeing oneself from addictions, are just some of the ways to set the spirit free from the jail of the human condition. However, in each man and woman is a Doer. This Doer is connected to the Knower and the Thinker, to form the Triune-self. The energy inside of each being flows from, and returns back to the same source of origin as everything else in existence. Think about that for a minute….this means that you, the ocean, a tree, and the air between you and the tree, are all of the same kin of Nature. Embracing the elemental Essenes of our own being and flesh, allows for a transcendence of the spirit into the light sphere, where our energy creates a different and more powerful resonating and emanates pure truth and expression of the enlightened soul. Once understanding is gained of the complete workings of any system, a man may accomplish a prescribed end without being qualified to manipulate and control the effect which he has produced. If we consider that within every man or woman, is the masculine and feminine. The constant battle to maintain a balance of the two can be enough to drive some to insanity. Yet if we look at those who discover their center we will see a perfect work of art in progress. No one is perfect, but we don’t have to be, we just have to work at bettering ourselves each moment, and edifying our neighbors. When you show respect to the powers inside the universe, the universe respects the powers inside you. Unleash your inner god, and recognize that your potential is reality when you will it so.



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