How many of you are really alive?


The one constant in everyone’s life is struggle. No matter how hard we try there is no avoiding struggle, as it is an integral part of the existence of every being that grows. “Growing pains” as they are often referred to, become the active ingredient in achieving one’s dreams. Since we know that there can be no growth without struggle, it is only through the perpetuation of the inner being, in the pursuit of happiness, that we can embrace the true nature of the fruits of our labor…how many of you are alive? How many of you are really alive? Ask yourself what it is that your true most inner being begs to express? If you can answer that question, yet are not allowing that expression to be released from bondage, than are you not a prisoner of your own creation? Free your mind and your ass will follow, free your inner being and your soul shall be set free. Stop selling yourself short and take what is rightfully yours…remember and repeat often the words, “Carpe Diem”! Seize the day, and claim the night. own your inner godliness and Breath life into yourself, and self into your life. Always see the picture as it is not what someone wants you to see. Take the wins and give them meaning to all, living in example through acts of great kindness and good manner. Give power to rightness and reason, and bring hope to the source of all things, with your loyalty, guidance, and expression to the world.

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