One of the greatest questions anyone can examine in their life is, “who am I?” Our daily struggles pull us to and fro, as our ideals, ideas, and understanding, are mixed together, shaken up, and redistributed with no order or fashion.  This results in a total and complete disorder of our ambition, as well as the drive to achieve greatness.  We also at some point must realize that in life, the path of less resistance, is not always the best route.  It is the material world that creates all this confusion and havoc, directly contradicting the innate principles that are inherent in every human being on this planet. There is no growth without struggle…the two are inseparable.  To become great, one must realize that there must be sacrifice, struggle, hardship, and  at times desperation; in order to collectively create the mentally strong individual realization of one’s true potential.  Within that moment’s first taste of true potential, manifesting into the present phenomenal reality, is the embodiment of sweet, euphoric delight , mixed with a dash of god-like powers, and the overwhelming rush of victory.  Those of you who have tasted it, know it well, and are smiling to yourself…  It changes who you thought you were into who you know your are.  In this we see an element of unveiling the inner god to self.  The complete and total revelation of inner being to the “I”, and recognition of the “id”, allows the SuperEgo to be put in check as the “I” or ego acts as the mediator between the two, bringing balance to the whole self.  If we look to evaluate the senses and our dependence on them, we soon find ways to lessen the impact of that weakness, on our growth and development as spiritual-beings, having a human experience.  Strip away the unessential, and just sit in the moment, centered in yourself, and experience ‘THE NOW”.  As it fills you become that which you desire most to be.  Claim your destiny in the name of your dedication and perseverance.  Make known to the world your inner god and bring forth your soul from the darkness into the light.  We were born in light and it is where we find strength for our gifts.  Become aware of the transformation that comes as the fruit from our struggles and embrace the power that it serves you.  Go out into the world and show others that the strength and  greatness they admire in you is also within them.  Teach them how to see it and raise their consciousness to believe in themselves as makers and creators of light and life.  The fact that we procreate is alone proof of our power when we unite the energy and forces of man and woman.  If we learn to unite outside of the bedroom, and learn to truly love thy neighbor, than perhaps we will be on our way to making a new earth.  One where people are  not starving, and we can find new technologies together in unison, instead of top-secret government experiments wasting billions of tax dollars on projects we will never see or hear about.  Let us figure out a way to fix what’s wrong with the planet instead of always trying to blow it up!  If you accept the fact that you as a human being have the power to change yourself, than it is nothing to change the world.  Together we can reach global peace.  Please share and leave you own ideas of how we can build a better world,  by building better people.

Italiano: Istanze psichiche umane: Ego, Es, Su...

Italiano: Istanze psichiche umane: Ego, Es, Super-Ego da Psicopatologia: sinopsi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: visual representation of the Freud's ...

English: visual representation of the Freud’s id, ego and super-ego and the level of consciousness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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