One Nights Mistake Born from Long Years

In each moment I embrace the newness and unexpected fresh taste of life’s lessons. There are few decisions I have made that have not been evaluated, dissected, super imposed, regurgitated, and then contemplated. All of this, in order to find the purpose in the unfortunate events manifested from the buildup of negative and destructive emotions, in my subconscious mind. I have found my greatness within, and all things are as they should be. My ideas perpetuate their will throughout my every word, and because I think, therefore I am…My journey speaks out to me in the faces of the souls that I encounter along my path. Like a guiding hand, it leads me with a gentle coax, righteousness and rightness flanking it’s sides. I am aware that the only thing stopping the perpetual will of my ideas, through the fruitful harvest of life, is my perception of control over reality. No one thing happens completely by chance, it is always a part of the greater plan in life. If we look to the center of ourselves, and learn to look out from that point of view, we can begin to understand a new way of existence. To live simply so that others may simply live, is a mantra I use to remember that life is not complicated. If we are good to our selves, and good to those we meet, we begin to receive the benefits of paying forward the kindness in our hearts, that aches to be shared with others. All that I am, and all that I will accomplish, evolved from one nights mistake born from long years, and nurtured into phenomenal reality.



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