To Dream The Impossible Dream… Re-Branding in the Face of Adversity

I wanted to take a moment adress the actual difficulty of what we are trying to do here. Re-branding and growing a long term existing successful business, is not something that should be taken lightly. It demands more of the already excessively compromised personal-time of the souls that drive the business. This can create a world that has no relief from the day to day anxiety of being a business owner. This is the point that separates the men and woman from the boys and girls. When inherent greatness within surges up to forge ones soul, a great leader is born in that individual. The difference between a great leader, and a good leader, is the ability to know when to lead, and when to follow…For a man who can not be of the people, can not lead the people. As we march forth in joined purpose and cause, I ask that you always remember one thing. Keep your eyes focused on the truth in what you do; never to forget the purity of your vision, and the passion with wich you seek the fruition of your life’s aspirations. In a war where it’s us against the world, I like us for the money every time, now lets go set the world on fire and burn baby burn like disco inferno!


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