Moments of Silence

There comes a time in every human beings life that they are left with the moments of silence.  Everything else fades away and all that exists is that peace and tranquility that you feel as the unessential slips away to reveal smoothly the essence your of purpose in life.  It seems that when we finally learn to become master of our own destiny, it was right when we were supposed to figure it out.  As we learn to slow our pace a bit because the finish line is never.  We have a life plan and a greater spiritual progression in effect.  We see no end of the road , we see not tomorrow, but right now, this second in the silence lies the answer to the riddles of our own lives.  You just have to know how to reach out and tune in to acquire them.  Take the next time that your in a peaceful state of mind surrounded in silence I press to you a challenge… Strip away the unessential, be where you are at,  take in the whispers that lay within the moments of silence, cultivate your life’s purpose, refine your plan of action, allow your spirit to transcend who you are, and just be with it as you embrace your true self and stand strong on your square as man  or woman.   The battles of life are necessary to produce the lessons that train us to become successful souls, there by perpetuating our own greatness as we progress upward in our ability to wield the powers that lay dormant inside our ancient souls.



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