There is no one thing that is beyond the worth of anything else…Our freedoms are at times reduced to numbers on a page, that become argumentative pieces of politically charged ammunition, used congressional witch-hunts. Freedom is in the eyes of the beholder, there is little anyone can say to argue that point.  Freedom is much more than a word.  It is something that is formed out of our propensity to rule and self govern, in an order to provide a sense of empowerment over one’s own existence.    Freedom is based on innate entitlement to certain inalienable rights that every human being is born with.   As these rights are understood by the individual their meaning takes new form, and act as guiding principles to the growth and development of themselves and their destiny. To so any in this world freedom has become only something to be desired, as their sense of the very thing every man and woman is born with, has been numbed and woman is born with has been numbed and extorted by their oppressive hands through slavery , torture, imprisonment, and psychological anguish.  All a person has to do however, is to re-connect with the simple fact that freedom is a state of mind first and foremost; before anything in this physical world can even begin to be given or taken away it must be manifested in mind first, and no one can take that which you create in mind.  Such a state of being is at all times available to any who desire it comes from within not without.  Our very bodies are a prison to the doer within it.   The spiritual dweller in the carriage of flesh has great power and ability beyond our mortal comprehension.  As soon as one is aware of their ability to control destiny, and acquire anything that they will to possess, they can at any time in any circumstance be free.  There is a great sense of peace that comes from becoming aware of the “power of now”; that is to become a witnessing presence to the events taking place in your life as if watching a movie.  This allows the doer in the body to see more clearly the picture of what is happening in entirety, so that decisions can be made with a broader perspective in mind.  Take for instance people in prison who are unable to detach from the outcome of their situation, focusing only on the moment at hand as it comes, find that they can easily forget their world is confined by the gates the surround them or the concrete block walls that construct their cells.  They, like soldiers of war can “be where they are at” without emotional attachment to what is outside the immediate world that directly concerns them.  By that I mean they receive freedom from emotional anguish, by dealing with what they can change, and having acceptance of the things that they can’t, along with the wisdom to know the difference.  When a clear mind welcomes stillness; it relieves the individual of the labels and worldly structure that create false sense of helplessness and inferiority.  By this eliminating of the unessential, we are empowered as beings.   Once restricted by the titled fleshly selves in name only such as prisoner, ex-offender, recovering addict, disabled, and disadvantaged minority, these human beings are imprinted with a mentally resonating negative self image that perpetuates weakness throughout the rest of their days constantly being reinforced with the idea that they are less than equivalent to the rest of the populous.  This is an age old secret that is used to beat us into submission, leaving the “weak” to be overcome by the “strong”, and the predisposed state of losing is set into the subconscious.  Reclaim your throne as “Master of the Universe”, and become your destiny’s keeper.  Dig deep and drive with your legs as you push beyond all the boundaries that have been set by society standards and accepted professional norms.  Shatter the mold that was used to cast you, and let the world see your magnificent greatness within.  Step into a new role as the administrator of justice, rightness, and reason.  Take your own vision as far into the future as you can take it and own the moment as you claim your birthright and shape your purpose.  Above all things, be true to thy self and listen to your heart; it beats freely and on its own accord, so that we may be able to manifest our ideas into existence in this phenomenal reality, assuming our place as creative powers of the universe.


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  1. I agree with your view however we must also always know that what is truth cannot be captured by the mind or given birth by the mind. It was and always will be there no matter whether we agree or not. A perception without the mechanism of thought operating can know that absolute eternity and not thought. I really enjoyed reading your article. Regards.

    1. My friend this is why I love the power of THE WORD…You have reminded me of the simple foundation of all things in existence. The complexity of the cosmos is created it’s simplicity of the most refined degree being misunderstood by man. So much in fact, to the point that we forget that everything that can be is, and all that will be was; so there is never going to be an event that is not its intended string in the common event that cross threads our paths of existence and purpose, these are the threads of destiny being woven as we speak.

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